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I have a thing for bags.  Every size, shape, and color can tempt me.  I think it is a hereditary gene passed down from my mother who, without exaggeration, has probably owned 500 purses in her lifetime.  I especially love these bags from Mixed Bag Designs and have used them for over a year. 


They are made from woven polypropylene which makes them easy to clean and very durable.  You literally just wipe these clean with a damp rag.  I use to carry my LL Bean Tote around everywhere.  But those babies you can’t do anything but hand wash.  

They are perfect when we go to the lake for the summer and pack them full of swim gear, fishing stuff, snacks and other stuff. When we travel my van looks like a Mixed bag Designs infomercial.  We have the duffle bags for Isaac and Kayla.  The weekender for mom and dad and the big travel bag for pillows, blankets, stuffed animals, etc.


My favorite has to be the Fold n Hold Totes.  For the last year every time we travel we have used one for snacks and one for toys to keep the kids entertained.


They fit perfectly between the van seats so the kids can grab their toys without my help.


I just got the double bin and we love it.  It folds completely flat for storage and pops up when you need to use it.  It is nice to put in the trunk for groceries so they don’t roll around while you drive. 



One thing I wanted to mention is the Mixed Bag Design outlet where you can score even bigger discounts on discontinued patterns.

So who wants to win a $100 giveaway to Mixed bag Designs?  Well two of you will! 

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