Kitchen Makeover FAQ’s

1.  What paint did you use for your black distressed cabinets?

Answer: I used Rustoleum American Accents Canyon Black in the can.  I think I went through maybe 1 gallon of it (4 quarts).  It was a satin finish.  I believe it is now called Painter’s Touch.  I liked the richness of the black.  Sometimes black paint tends to look too grey to me, that is why I chose this one.

2.  Did you use a sealant over the top of them to protect them?

Answer:  No I did not use anything.  Since I antiqued them any chips or dings just adds to the character of the finish.

3.  Where did you buy your hardware?

Answer: On Ebay!  I got them for $1 each shipped and out the door.  I spent $35.66 total.  The knobs are Jeffrey Alexander Lenoir Rope in an Antique Silver Finish.  The cup pulls are Jeffrey Alexander Lyon Shaker Pull in an Antique Silver Finish.
knob cuppull
4.  Where did you get the rope lighting that runs on a remote?

Answer: I got it at Menards.  The rope lighting was 20 feet for $9 and the wireless remote was $10 made by Super Switch.  If you go to any home improvement store just ask for a wireless switch remote and they can direct you to a similar brand.

5.  How much were your Sink Front Tip Out trays? 

Answer:  I got mine at Menards. It is the 11” ones but it does come wider.  The brand name is called Rev-A-Shelf.  The first time I installed them I about lost myself in a world of swear words.  Read the directions more careful than I did. But after installing the first one I can install them in about 30 minutes now.  MAKE SURE YOU PRE-DRILL.

6.  Did you have to remove the fake drawer front?  If so, how did you do that?
Answer: No this is what they look like on the back of most false drawer fronts.  You just remove those plastic pieces in order to install the tip-out trays.
IMG_13907.  How long did it take you to paint your cabinets?

Answer:  I have painted many o’ kitchen cabinets in my day.  I always seem to rush to get through it, my kitchen is a train wreck for a week and we eat out 3 meals a day.  I WAS COMMITTED TO NOT DOING THAT THIS TIME.  Every single night I managed to make dinner.  I put everything away at 5:00 p.m. and was content with whatever progress I made that day in between chasing around a 3 year-old.  Keep in mind I did not primer and they were only a one coat job.  So that was a long way of saying about 2 weeks.
I hope that helps.  I get lots of questions about my kitchen remodel.  Please email me if you have any questions or need to bounce ideas about your kitchen off of me.

house 014
house 015

Cost so far: $1112