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Today I decided to take on a project and make from scratch a quatrefoil mirror. I have seen many in design magazines and love the graphic shape. Many catalogs such as Pottery Barn and Ballard Designs carry beautiful mirrors that I have been lusting over for a while.

What Does Quatrefoil mean?

A quatrefoil is a decorative element consisting of a symmetrical shape with four overlapping circles or petals, resembling a four-leaf clover. The word “quatrefoil” comes from the French words “quatre,” meaning “four,” and “feuille,” meaning “leaf.”

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The quatrefoil enjoyed its peak popularity during the Gothic Revival and Renaissance, but can still be seen on countless churches and cathedrals today. The quatrefoil is a symbol for good luck and where the four leaf clover originated from.

Before you think it is all exquisite and high end let me tell you how to pronounce it.

\ˈka-tər-ˌfȯi(-ə)l, ˈka-trə-\

Yep…it is pronounced “Catter Foil.” Sounds more like it originated in the sticks than it’s Greek origination. Although with the abundance of the design I think people are now pronouncing it “Quat RO Foil”. That sounds way more sophisticated, don’t you think? Ok enough with the history lesson.

I have seen gorgeous quatrefoil mirrors everywhere.

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And I see them and say, “I waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant one!” In typical IC style I made one myself.

How To Make Your Own Quatrefoil Mirror

how to make a quatrefoil mirror


Step 1

I had some 1/4” luan already cut to a 2’ x 2’ square. I love when life works out that way. But you can get a 2’ x 4’ piece ($5.47) at Home Depot and have them cut it down to size.

I used some fancy tools to draw a quatrefoil. (I am saying it “quatro foil” right now 😉 Also known as a ruler and my dinner plates.

I also marked around the edges where the trim would go to make the alignment easier. After I was pleased with the design I laid it on two sawhorses.


Step 2

Then I drilled some pilot holes with a large drill bit to make an opening for where the jigsaw would begin.


Step 3

Using a new scroll blade on the jigsaw I carefully followed my lines and cut it out. I cut the sharp squared off edges first and then I did the circle part last.

IMG_0906 After about 10 minutes it was cut out.

Step 4

Then I purchased $10 worth of baseboard molding… the faux composite kind.

Using a miter box and saw I cut out molding to frame out my cut quatrefoil.

IMG_0914Step 5

I just glued it on with some Gorilla Wood Glue and then weighted it down so that it would get a nice seal.

I let it dry overnight and then used wood filler to fill in the gaps where the joints meet.

Also caulked the edges where the molding met the luan plywood.

With a wet finger I smoothed the caulk so it would give it a seamless appearance.

After it was dry I sanded the wood filled corners smooth.


Step 6

I primed and painted it Lake Champlain by Dutch Boy.


Step 7

Then I used a black glaze.



Step 8

I flipped it over and screwed some hanging brackets on both of the sides. IMG_0940

I already had an old mirror that I cut to size myself. You can find freebies on Craiglist all the time.

There are 4 free ones available in my city alone. Or you can get one for about $15 at a hardware store and have it cut. I cut mine 22” square so I would have an inch clearance all the way around.

Then I used the Gorilla Glue Tape to secure it on the back.


Step 9

Now you could glue your mirror on but I know myself. I have a HIGH need for change.

What if I want to paint it yellow next week?

It is easier to remove the mirror from the back then it would be to tape off the quatrefoil to paint it.


I wrapped some wire between the two silver hanging triangles I had secured to hang a wire on a screw in the wall.

Then I used some heavy duty anchors and secured it to the wall. I hung it above my “TV cabinet to console table.”

If you missed the transformation click here.

Step 10

I know it looks dreadfully undecorated. But I want to take you along on the process with me. I am thinking of a tall skinny silver lamp, some fall decor, a couple of baskets on the shelf.

Watch it unfold with me. Also I would love your advice on how to decorate the console. I am always open to vignette suggestions.


So what do you think? Do you love “Catter-foil” or what (spoken in a southern accent)?


IMG_0978  IMG_0977


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  1. Whoa! I was totally wanting a quatrefoil mirror and I was thinkind of ways to make it myself. Glad I saw this, because it looks 10xs easier than the way I was going to make mine! LOVE it!
    I am going to have to link up yours when I do mine! Thanks for sharing! Do you mind if I post this on my blog to feature it! I will add your link with it!

  2. Whoa! I was totally wanting a quatrefoil mirror and I was thinkind of ways to make it myself. Glad I saw this, because it looks 10xs easier than the way I was going to make mine! LOVE it!
    I am going to have to link up yours when I do mine! Thanks for sharing! Do you mind if I post this on my blog to feature it! I will add your link with it!

  3. I am LOVIN' it so far! I think a really big, statement piece of a lamp is in you future.

  4. Now that is so cool! It looks awesome with your new cabinet makeover. Bummer about the way it is pronounced… I like the way we all say it better!

  5. That is awesome! Love how handy you are with the tools 🙂 Makes me want a garage and tools to fill it bad.

    Never thought of looking on craigslist for freebies. Thanks for the idea!

  6. I do, I do, I dooooo love it!
    So glad I found your blog over at TDC. I am now a follower.

    Stop byme sometime…we can hang out. 🙂

  7. great tutorial! thanks! what are the little yellow triangle thingys that are holding up the painted piece? i want some!!!

  8. I love quatrefoils–they're my sorority's symbol–so I have many of them throughout my home! I might just need to recreate this project!

  9. No matter how you pronounce it, I love quatrefoil! The mirror looks perfect hanging over your rescue tv stand. Love the color too.

  10. Found you from TDC…..This is such a cool project – thanks for making it look so easy!


  11. Very cool way to make a quatrefoil mirror. Thanks for showing your how-to. Now I'm torn between that and a stencil to use on some piece of furniture.

  12. Visiting from Centsational Girl, I just love how you transformed the old hutch into a book rack!

  13. Oooo. Love it! And a scroll blade for my jigsaw. I need to look into that! I actually have a table mounted scroll saw, but I haven't figured out how to put a new blade on yet. Bought it off a neighbor who moved away ;-(.


  14. i came here from centsational girl today. i was looking around your blog and read your "real and raw" story of your life/testimony. the whole time i was reading, i kept thinking "this girl looks so familiar…and her name is familiar…and her husband!" well, i figured it out: didn't you guys used to work at big valley in modesto, ca? i was there at the same time. my husband's family is very active there: the boone's. you probably knew alan and marti, my in-laws, and joel (my BIL) and sarah (his wife). my husband is garrett. how weird…small world! i met you a few times while you were there, but i never "knew" you that well. you have a lot of talent here! wow! i'll have you bookmarked! god bless!

  15. Hi, just found your blog via CG. How is it that I've never discovered you? Glad I found your blog, you are so talented and creative.

  16. My goodness you are really amazing -Disoovered you through CG . I am having a delightful time browsing your blog

  17. Beckie – that is awesome!!! Wow – I love that it goes with your cabinet too. What a great place to check your hair on the way out the door!!

    PS – Love that Gorilla Tape stuff. Totally the stickiest!


  18. Wow! That's gorgeous! Great tutorial too. It only leaves me with one question: How much time did you spend cleaning up that room in the background before you snapped the picture? (…or is it always that clean?) 🙂

  19. nice job. i just saw all of your beautiful projects on centsational girl and you are good girl!

  20. Oh, I so need to raid my boyfriend's tools!!! I had never heard of quatrefoil until I read this post. Super cool. I have an antique door propped against my wall, a mirror like this would look awesome mounted on the door.

  21. Nice job! Was wondering where the picture of the full length quatrefoil mirror (bedroom scene) came from. I've been looking for a mirror like that one pictured.

  22. wow, I love this. It's even better knowing that you made it yourself. Saw you over at CSI, good luck!

  23. What a cool idea! Your wood work, paint job, the whole thing turned out fabulous!

    Great job!

  24. I was looking at your gorgeous quatrefoil mirror and had a thought for you. What do you think the mirror would look like if you did the acid thing on it? It seems like that would go with your table soooooo well and would add the older look to the mirror, as the table has. What do you think? I could just see that mirror after you had done the acid thing to it. Pretty now, but more pretty then, in my humble and not too knowledgeable opinion.

    Thank you also for sharing all of your creative gifts. I love to "borrow" your ideas and "attempt" to make them half as well. You are fantastic!!!

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