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IC has gone through a makeover! Welcome to the grand re-opening of IC. All of you who read me in Google reader or the like would you please click over and check out the new me? Pretty-please-with sugar on top, it would mean the world to me.



I worked with Shannon from Eightcrazy Designs (the best blogger designer and friend ever!) to redesign and rebrand my whole site.  Didn’t she do an amazing job?!  I couldn’t be more pleased. And believe me she had to work…I was so demanding and annoying I am sure. Shannon has just recently opened her schedule up again (after having it closed for months due to a move to Alaska) so if you need someone to design your site check her out quick.  She is one of the best in the business so her schedule will fill up fast.


Since I moved from Blogger to WordPress (couldn’t be more pleased with that!) I went with See My Designs by Shauna for the WordPress transfer.  I needed someone who could move me over seamlessly and she came highly recommended (thanks Layla!). I was shaking in my boots with moving 3 1/2 years of content over from Blogger! Even through a few of my freak fests she remained calm and walked me through everything. She rocks!


So what do you think?  Pull up a chair and click around.  I would love to hear your thoughts on my redesign.

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  1. I think it’s pretty fabulous, Beckie! I love your “double toolbar” at the top…makes it much easier to search for general projects/ideas. I’ve seen lots of EightCrazy sites, and they are so well designed.

    I am really curious to hear about your move from Blogger to WordPress. So many of my favorite bloggers have done it….my main concerns are between losing posts and/or Google Friend Connect Followers or Email Subscribers. If you post more about your thoughts behind the move, I think it would be a great read.

  2. I will definitely make that a post Amanda. so far everything has gone well and I don’t think I have lost a soul. But time will tell.

  3. Beckie!
    It looks fabulous!!! I really do love the layout so much better. And it’s super easy to navigate. 🙂
    I loved my move to wordpress.
    Congrats, girl!

  4. I’m lovin’ the search feature! Now I can find those projects again when I need inspiration or help!

  5. I think it looks fabulous! I’m so new to blogging and am on the waiting list now for a re-design so I can totally get your excitement!! Hooray for your big day!

  6. Becky I absolutely love the blog redesign. I usually have your blog open all day on my desktop at work. I just love it!!!

  7. It looks fantastic!! So clean and chic! We transfered from blogger to wordpress last summer and I had a few freak fests myself. But it was a great move, we love wordpress now! Thanks for sharing your incredible ideas.

  8. very nice! I do miss the updated blogroll on the side, though, where you could see when your blogroll people had most recently posted.

  9. I am a big fan of your blog! Thank you for all of your great ideas and inspiration! So… why did you decide to change from Blogger to WordPress? Do you wish you would have done it sooner? I’m on Blogger, but have been contemplating a move also. Any input you have is appreciated! Have a wonderful day!!!

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