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While at CHA I came across this fun crafty kit for kids called Crafty Bands.  They had actually sent me one to try a couple of weeks before CHA.  My kids are chomping at the bit to try it but I hid it in a closet so they’d stop bugging me we haven’t gotten around to it yet. I got to see them demo the Crafty Bands at the Epiphany Crafts Booth and it looked like it would be a fun hour with my kiddos.  I will bust it out soon and let you know what I thought.

craft kits for kids

Crafty Bands allow you to create custom charm jewelry from photos, magazines, or most any type of paper.

Slide a photo or piece of paper into their punch along with a self adhesive bubble caps to create custom epoxies that fit perfectly into the snap settings. ​

Then you just snap them into a silicone bracelet and you created a fun bracelet with your kids.

craft bracelets for kids

The starter pack retails for $29.99 and then you can purchase refills for your kit for $4.99 for the bubbles and $6.99 for the band refill kit. It looks like it is only available online right now.  It seems a little pricey for my blood but maybe a major retailer will pick the product up and then we can use our coupons on it. {giggle}

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