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I hope you don’t think less of me.  I hope this doesn’t ruin my reputation forever.  I hope this doesn’t tarnish my frugal living reputation.  I hope you don’t think I am a sell out.  I hope you understand…


that I just had to have it. I actually made a purchase from Ballard Designs. I bought the Set of 3 Safety Pin Plaques.


{holding breath}

Crickets chirping….

I think I just heard a pin drop (pun totally intended).


Picture Credit: Ballard Designs

I know, it is hard to believe.  I found something I could not knock off.  I have been thinking and pondering and trying to figure out a way to make these Safety Pin Plaques, but I couldn’t.

After 6 months of this I finally gave into temptation and purchased them.  They were 20% off.  Does that redeem my cheap good name?

Doesn’t it look amazing next to my knock off Ballard Design’s laundry sign?


I am one satisfied buyer!  It just made the space complete.

The winner of The Can Organizers is Dana @  Thank you for all who entered the giveaway.  Go purchase some, you will love how organized your cupboards look.

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  1. I don’t blame you for buying those, I’ve been drooling over them for a while now myself. I can’t really tell how they look in your home though b/c your pics are distorted.

  2. I don’t think less of you in the least, in fact, I want them bad now myself. However, I really want multiples of one pin style… and I think I know a way to do a knock off. Not functioning or anything but the sense of it. This weekend baby!

  3. Love them!!! I have wanted them since the first time I saw them. Hate to say it, but I am glad I am not the only one who had no way to knock them off. They look great!!!

  4. They look great! I’ve been drooling over the Oversized Sunburst Mirror but even with the 20% discount it’s still close to $400 b/c of the the oversized item shipping fees..ugh. I’ll just dream about it. Oh well. Congrats on your splurge!

  5. Ok, honestly I would love to be drooling over how amazing it is but the picture uploaded really bad. The image is REALLY distorted!!!! Hope you can get it fixed and re-post so I can oh and ah over it. Love your blog.

  6. That’s funny—I thought these might be what you’d ordered! Oh well, a little splurge every now and then is OK. Your reputation is intact!

  7. I don’t blame you one bit, Beckie! Those safety pins may have been costly and time consuming to recreate. Sometimes it IS worth it to spend a little extra and save a lot of hassle. I’m having a hard time viewing your photos in this post–they look a little skewed. The one from Ballards is fine, but your photo looks like it was stretched out, if that makes any sense. Don’t know if it’s my browser or what!

  8. Saw your facebook status the other day about your purchase, and I was waiting to see what you got. Nice score and at 20% off…you can’t beat that! Great Look!!

    ~Jenna, SAS Interiors

  9. You are to funny, we are all entitled to splurge… and I love them! SO DARN CUTE THE WHOLE GROUPING! P.S. I just got my Elmers package and I am stoked for the PAR-T-Y! I have to bust my butt pronto though. I mentioned you on my CraftOManiac FB page in regards to the Elmers Party. thanks, winks-jen

  10. They are adorable and they look perfect next to your sign! Everyone needs a splurge now and again. Mine was shoes yesterday, which is much less practical than something you are going to look at everyday.

  11. HAHAHAHAHA. Way to go! I’m secretly happy that there is finally something that you couldn’t knock off. Thanks for making me smile today!
    PS. Your new blog design rocks.

  12. I soooo would have bought them! They are adoreable! Hope you’re feeling better today!

  13. I bought the safety pins, but am choking on the cost of the laundry sign, and I don’t have one of those machines you talked about…
    Thanks again!

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