Since receiving those Can Organizers (click here if you missed the giveaway) I have been on an organizing binge.   It is about this time of year when the breeze is blowing and the weather is warming up that I get this insatiable bug to organize.   The pantry is always the hardest thing to keep organized for our family.   So I thought today’s post would focus on creative and efficient ideas to keep things organized.

1.   Mark everything. Jill from Booberry Binks used some chalkboard spray paint to create a label space on all her glass organizers.   The allows all your product to be visible and easy to grab.


2. Utilize the door space. Need more room in your pantry?   Utilizing your door space with an over-the-door organizer like Jen from Tatertots & Jello will allow you to maximize your space.   This is perfect for tin foil, plastic wrap, and bags.


3.   Organize like items in bins. Katie from Intentionally Katie helped her friend organize her pantry.   She organized all the snacks in bins.   This also helps children when they go to the pantry for a snack if they are all together in one bin.

09.27.10 - Ali's pantry AFTER (22)

4.   Stack items to take advantage of space.   Jill from Homemade by Jill has marked bins that stack on top of each other.   This helps take advantage of the space top to bottom.   She also used some vinyl lettering to create a conversation chart on the inside of her cupboard.

pantry organization

5. Figure out a way to utilize all the space you can. Roeschel from The DIY Showoff really knows how to think outside the box with her innovative spice carousels hanging above a doorway. Who said spices have to be in the cupboard?


Thanks for joining me for “5 Ways Saturdays.”

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  1. These are cute ideas. I have glass jars to keep all my dried goods. I just use a dry erase marker on the metal lid to mark what the contents are. That way I can re-use the jar for something else and I can easily change out the names.

  2. Great ideas! We’ve been slowly, but surely working on our pantry. So fancy paint jobs or wall quotes (we have to save the $$ for the food, haha), but I love to see how other people organize. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks Roeshel, I am so glad it is finally done. What a huge relief. now I just need to go back and organize some stuff but that will take a little time. The hardest part is over and I didn’t lose a single person so far.

  4. I use an over the door shoe rack to corral spices, but I use the kind with clear plastic pockets. I can find things easier that way, but I love the look of the black and white polka dot!

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