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My kids certainly don’t need any reason to celebrate.  Just them waking up and being able to play with friends is a cause for celebration each day!  We have made several paper bag piñatas for birthdays, baby showers (the kids who come love this, it would also be a fun gender reveal idea), end of the year celebrations and graduations.  There is a new animated movie coming out September 9th called The Wild Life.  It is about Robinson Crusoe landing shipwrecked on an island with quirky and zany animals that need to learn to live on the island together and ultimately find friendship.  So in partnership with Lionsgate I decided to make a paper bag piñata to get them excited about seeing the movie.


It is often celebrating ordinary moments in life that the kids remember the most.  These are so easy to make and don’t feel obligated to buy candy.  Throw in fruit snacks, granola bars, toys, crayons, etc.  Kids just love busting the thing open and scouring for the stuff inside.



So pick up some streamers from the Dollar Tree and ask for paper instead of plastic next time you go to the store and you have yourself a piñata for cheap.



Crepe Streamers (I used 1/3 of red, blue, yellow and green)

Packing Tape

Paper bag

Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

Printed out image of your theme into white cardstock

sewing machine

plastic tube hangar


1.  To make the adorable ruffles all you need to do is run them through your sewing machine.  Don’t be afraid of this.  If sewing ain’t your thing then you can ruffle them as you glue, no worries.  If you do opt for the sewing machine set your thread tension tight but your stitch length smaller.  I set my thread tension at 7 and my stitch length at 5.  But you might have to play with your sewing machine to get it just right.


2.  Run your streamer through the machine super quick and it will create these adorable little ruffles.  Do this will all the streamer colors you plan on using.



3.  To prepare the bag to be converted into a piñata clip all 4 edges of the bags about 2”.


4.  Cut out the sides in between your 2” cuts.


5.  Fill your paper bag about 1/4 to 1/3 full with candy, toys, games, crayons, markers, etc.


6.  Wrap the edges of the paper bag around a plastic tube hangar and use your masking tape to seal it really well.  If you have older kids you could double bag it to make it harder to break.  But if you have littles a single bag is plenty.



7.  To begin cover the bottom of your bag in your streamers (not the ruffled ones).  Use hot glue to adhere the streamers to the bottom.



8.  Next elevate your piñata.  This will allow you to work easier while hot gluing the ruffles.

9.  Starting from the bottom and working you way up add your ruffled streamers with your hot glue gun wrapping them around the bag and cutting them and tucking the ends.  I like my ends to be on the side.



10.  Continue to add ruffles until you get close to the top.  Then add one single unruffled streamer to the top hot gluing it down.  Use the same color as your last streamer so it doesn’t stick out.


11.  Finish with gluing your last streamer on.


12.  Next print out an image from the internet onto white cardstock paper that goes along wit your theme.  Trim to fit.  I used a tupperware lid to round the edges.



13.  Flip it over and glue ruffles on the back of that.


14.  Glue to the front of your piñata and you are done.



Have a slammin good time watching the little ones knock it all over the place.  They absolutely adore this!  I love their fierce faces!




Speaking of adore-able check out the trailer for the movie below. Don’t miss it in theaters September 9th!


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