Stained and Painted Table

I think there is no better before and after picture than a furniture refab. 

IMG_0347 I was looking for a small end table to go next to my newly reupholstered couch.  I drove past this yard sale three times before I stopped and offered the guy $10 for this solid wood end table.IMG_0301The legs were too tall for my little loveseat so I took them off and chopped them in half with a chop saw.IMG_0302IMG_0326 I stripped the top of the table.  I normally use the brand Bix or Jasco but Home Depot only had Kleen Stripper.  I must say I was equally impressed with this product.  Here is the before shot of the top.IMG_0328 Here it is after it was stripped and sanded but before it was stained. (The drawer next to it had not been sanded).IMG_0331 The I sanded the whole piece with 100 grit sandpaper to roughen it up and prepare the surface for primer.  I wiped it clean.IMG_0332 Then I covered the top with newspaper and tape…IMG_0333Then I primered and sprayed the bottom (with my air spray gun) with Antique White by Dutch Boy’s Refresh Line.IMG_0309


Then I stained and poly’ed the top.  After it was all done I scuffed up the edges to tie in the wood tones of the top. It still looked way too plain for me.  So I sprayed a bright silver pull with oil-rubbed bronze and then buffed it with Spanish Copper Rub N’ Buff.IMG_0349 Then of course I had to add fabric inside the drawer (click for tutorial here)IMG_0348

I put the piece in place. LOVES!  Now I just need a little lamp to lighten up the space and some accessories to tie it all together.  Oh and a pillow one the couch.  No worries I am on it!IMG_0347IMG_0344 This space is sprucing up nicely.  My husband has already laid claim to this space to work from home when he needs to.IMG_0346