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Father’s Day is coming up on Sunday, June 19th. That gives you two weeks to create  awesome gifts to show the fathers in your lives just how very precious they are to you. Now you may be thinking that homemade, crafty gifts aren’t really what dads want. They want manly gifts, like sporting equipment or the latest technological gadget, not a froufrou craft. Well, not to worry. Today’s post features five gift ideas that will bring a smile to Dad’s face and also satisfy your need to create a sentimental, custom gift.

1. “My Pops Rocks” Gift Basket

Last year Kendra from My Insanity created a “My Pop Rocks” gift basket for Father’s Day. Kendra’s pop-up basket was filled with items like Pop Rocks, Tootsie Pops, and popcorn. Who knew there were so many food items with pop in the name? This is the perfect gift for a dad with a sweet tooth. There’s nothing like getting a sugar high for Father’s Day!

"Pop" basket for father's day

2. Photo Coffee Sleeve

My hubs is a total Starbucksaholic, so you can see why this photo coffee sleeve by Leigh Ann from Spincushion caught my eye. Not only is this a great way for dads to proudly display the fam, but it’s also ecofriendly. (You know… saving the world one coffee sleeve at a time.) Pair it with a coffee house gift card and you’re set.

3. Tailgating Bin

If you’ve got a sports fan in your life, you know his love for the team can run deep. Why not help him get ready for game day with this tailgating bin by Lowe’s Creative Ideas? Simply find a galvanized bin in one of his team’s color, paint a stripe in a second team color, and add a strip of electrical tape to the top and bottom in a third team color. Finish it off with some lettering and twine-wrapped handles. The hardest part of this project is figuring out what three colors to use!

Tailgating Bin Father's Day Gift

4. Altoids Mini Toolbox

I am all about altering everyday items into something totally cool and creative, so this mini toolbox that Brenda Ponnay shared on Alphamom is right up my alley. Brenda suggests using multiple tins to create a mini organization system for nuts, bolts, screws, etc. You could also use the tins as a gift card holder for Dad’s favorite hardware store.

Father's Day Gift Mini Toolbox

5. “DAD” Photo Art

Maybe you’ve come to the end of this post thinking, “My husband doesn’t like sweets. He’s not a coffee drinker. He could care less about sports, and I don’t think he knows what to do with a hammer.” Well, I think I can safely assume he absolutely adores his children. Tina from Twinkle Toes created some personalized artwork that every dad would love to receive. Tina simply spray painted some paper mache letters and then took pictures of her daughter holding the letters to spell “Dad.” No doubt your kids will enjoy making this gift and Dad will enjoy receiving it.

Dad Photo Art Father's Day Gift

What creative gift ideas do you have planned for Father’s Day this year?

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