Reclaimed Wood Pumpkin Fall Decor

Laura from Finding Home shared these reclaimed wood pumpkins two years ago here on Infarrantly Creative.  They were so popular I decided to show you them again.  I am not ready to bow to fall yet, as I am still hanging tightly to summer but September is right around the corner! Plus I am always a sucker for the word “reclaimed”.


Hello sweet readers of Infarrantly Creative, Laura here of Finding Home. I know summer is still holding on, but today I am going to share a fall project with you – reclaimed wood pumpkins.

Wood Pumpkin Art

Do you happen to know what a squash bug is? I do. They are nasty little creatures that we have battled for years and they destroy all of our vine plants in our garden. And if a pumpkin or two manages to survive the onslaught of these buggers, then the rabbits eat them up. So this year, I decided to be ready. If no pumpkins make it, no worries, I am making my own.

Fall Front Porch

I made them out of reclaimed wood. But not just any old wood. Truth be told, I am quite the sentimental girl. All of the wood we used was salvaged from my Grandfather’s house, that he built by hand, piece by piece. It had to be torn down 2 years ago and I salvaged what I could. This project seemed like a perfect way to actually use the wood and get it out of storage.

Reclaimed Wood Pumpkin Display

The process is quite simple, if you are comfortable using a jigsaw, you can do this. I recently completed a similar project using the same basic technique to make a whale.

Materials Needed:

1/4 Plywood ( we used scrap we had)

Salvaged wood, reclaimed lumber, pallet wood

Wood glue

Small brad nails and screws


Hanger bolts (double threaded screws)

Small tree branches

Stain, wax and sealer

chop saw or miter box

screw gun



Step 1: Sketch your pumpkin shape on plywood and cut out the shape with a jigsaw.

Reclaimed Wood Pumpkin Tutorial

Step 2: Using your miter box or chop saw, cut down the salvaged wood in lengths that go about an inch beyond the length of your pumpkin on all sides. Line them up on top of the pumpkin to form the pattern. Our wood happened to be tongue and groove, but that is not necessary.

Planked Wood Pumpkin Tutorial

Place another piece of plywood on top to make a “plywood sandwich” (this does not get attached, it is just there to steady the planks to be flipped over). Now flip everything over. The placed piece of plywood should now be on the bottom and the plywood pumpkin should be on top. Apply wood glue to the front of the plywood pumpkin and place it back down on the back side of the reclaimed wood. Now attach small brad nails through the plywood and into the planks spacing throughout. We also decided to add some small screws to the edge pieces so they held tightly. Just take note of the thickness of your wood so it doesn’t come through the front. Place something heavy on top of the pumpkin and leave over night or several hours to dry.

Step 3: The plywood pumpkin is now your pattern and guide for cutting the reclaimed wood. Follow the profile with the jigsaw and cut the pumpkin shape into the planks.

How To Make Reclaimed Wood Pumpkins

Step 4: Sand down all of the rough edges. I used a palm sander and it went very quickly. I also softened down the front edges of the perimeter of the pumpkin.

Step 5: Drill a hole in the top of the pumpkin where you would like the stem to be attached. Make sure the hole is large enough to accommodate your hanger bolt. Drill another hole into a piece of branch for the stem (this can be cut down with your miter box or chop saw). Attach the hanger bolt into the pumpkin first – turning it with a pair of pliers. Attach the stem/branch turning by hand. Depending on the curve of the top of your pumpkin, you may need to sand the bottom of the stem slightly to fit snuggly.

Salvaged Wood Pumpkin Tutorial

Using scraps from your cuts, or whatever you have available, attach one board at the bottom using wood screws. Drill a small pilot hole for each screw to avoid risk of splitting the wood.

Step 6: This step is purely optional and up to personal taste. I added a light coat of dark stain to everything and wiped it off really quick. It unified everything a little bit. I also added a coat of clear wax because I love the way it finishes everything off. Because this is going to be outside and needs protection I added a spray clear coat. This also keeps the wax from melting in the heat. And now, I am all ready for fall – at least out front!

Fall Front Door with Reclaimed Wood Pumpkins

If a pumpkin or two happens to make it in the garden (which is highly unlikely), there will be four lovelies waiting for them.

Reclaimed Wood Pumpkin

Thanks so much for reading. If you would like to see some other fall projects, you can visit my fall tablescape and…

Fall Tablescape

Last year’s fall front door makeover


Thanks so much for reading and wishing you a great day. Take care, Laura

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  1. I love these pumpkins! Thanks for sharing the idea and tutorial!

  2. Love these!
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh I absolutely love these!

  4. Can’t wait for fall decorating! Thank you for the new inspiration! Beautiful!!!!

  5. You are on a roll lately with stuff I love. So today I’ll head over to Finding Home to pin, and I guarantee some version of those pumpkins WILL be on the Bliss Ranch porch this fall.

  6. LOVE – I hate to see the summer go, but moving into a new season is so exciting, decorating wise!

  7. Love these and love how eco-friendly they are! Thanks for sharing.


  8. I saw this link on a facebook page that I follow (Chicken Scratch NY) and had to click it. I’m glad I did. I’m not that handy but I’m going to show this to my son-in-law and demand that he help me make those pumpkins. 🙂 The entire porch decor is breathtaking. Well done! Glad I found your blog.

    • I’m glad you found it too, Alli. I am thrilled to have Laura as one of my contributors. She is full of creative ideas so be sure to check out her site too.

  9. I love these and is there any way to give a rough size on each pumpkin. Not good at art.

  10. These are amazing! I really need to try to make them.

  11. These are fantastic!! Please come share this on DIY Sunday Showcase that I cohost!!!


  12. Trish Flake says:

    Absolutely LOVE these!

  13. These are so awesome! Absolutely love them 🙂

  14. Dana Block says:

    These are so frekin’ cute!! We are restoring our old farm house, and have lots of random wood everywhere. I made a pumpkin, freehanded the shape. It’s cute but my almost 2 yr old granddaughter said, “Apple!!”. Opps Well, it’s going
    in the back. Two more to go. Thank you for the idea!!

  15. I love this project idea, in fact putting it together now. And boy, it is kicking my tail, I’m guessing because I am a pure amateur 🙂 …

    I have a questions, if you don’t mind. I was planning on putting the pumpkins in the direct weather, do you feel with weather protective, that they won’t warp? Again, that comes from being an amateur wood worker lol.
    Thank you for your time and great ideas 🙂

  16. I have a small question on your outdoor pumpkins it mentioned you use wax to finish…. then clear coat overtop… what kind of wax do you use ? How do you apply it?

  17. Just made a set for my boss, turned out great. Wish I could post a picture!


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