rustic industrial guest bathroom remodel

My guest room bathroom has been done for months and I realized I haven’t given you the final shots of how the space turned out.  If you follow IC closely you may remember I started out with an oversized 11’ x 11’ guest bathroom.  I gutted the entire space and made two rooms: a smaller guest bathroom and an amazing laundry space on the second floor of my house.

rustic industrial guest bathroom remodel

I can’t tell you how much more enjoyable laundry has been since it has been moved on that floor.  So here is where we began…



So after gutting it and then framing out a wall to separate the bathroom and laundry room I began piecing together the new bathroom space together.


DSC_0447-3clear voiceuntitled

I just used an in stock shower surround and glass door from Lowes. The reason I chose to do a basic in-stock shower surround with pan was ease, price, durability and ability to clean.  The shower pieces (pan, surround and door) was around $770.  If I opted to not do a door to save money it would be less than $500.  That is super cost effective and just because you don’t have high end tile and a rain shower faucet head doesn’t mean it isn’t beautiful and functional right?




I opted for a 48” shower pan so my guests could have more room in the shower.  But that meant that I would have less space for a vanity.  I was okay with that.  It still left 27” for a floating vanity top I made.  Again I just used a cheap in stock sink bowl but look how awesome it turned out!




I also repurposed the old mirror and cut it down and framed it out to create one perfectly suited for this space.  Add a new light fixture, a pipe towel holder and some spray painted exposed pipes to match and it looks pretty awesome.



Adding some board and batten to the wall to the left when you walk in really added some texture and function to the room, allowing me to add color with the towels and a perfect place to hang them.  They kind of serve as form, function and decor.


The last thing I did was add some chunky floating shelves over the toilet.  The toilet was the only thing that stayed in place in this entire space.  Since there is no under vanity storage the shelves added storage for towels, toilet paper, and extra hygiene products for the guests.


I hung the “ornament of a house” sign I made 4 years ago above the toilet.  It tied in with the colors and was the perfect size and sentiment.  I adore having guests in our home and so happy they have a great space to make them feel at home (more on the guest room itself soon!)


I stained the shelves Minwax Dark Walnut to match the vanity top.

floating shelves in a bathroom


And there you have it!  Another room conquered in my house!  If you missed any of my bathroom posts and want to catch up all the posts are here.

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