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Megan from HosannaMade5 is here to show you how to make a quick project out of those scrap boards you have laying in your garage.  Breadboards are are fun way to add character to your table.  Giving each person a mini one feels so fancy and a great way to dress up a meal.  If you can use a jigsaw this project is super simple and a great gift to give.


Hello everyone! I’m Megan from HosannaMade5, and I’m very excited to be here today and share this fun project with you. The bread boards I’m about to show you make fantastic gifts, and it’s fun to use your imagination to create unique shapes and sizes. 


  • Wood (I used a 1×12 of pine)
  • Jig Saw
  • SandpaperTung Oil (may also use mineral oil)
  • Cloth

Step 1 – Cut your board to any size you choose.  You can also ask the hardware store to cut your pieces for you. 

Step 2 – Decide on what shape you would like your handle to have.  I wanted each of my smaller boards to take on a unique look so I chose to do a rounded, straight and a curved handle.  Take a piece of paper the width of your board, and fold it in half.  Draw your shape and cut it out to form a mirrored image.  Trace directly onto your board. 

Step 3 – Use a jigsaw to cut along the traced line. 

Step 4 – Sand your wood with 100 grit sandpaper.  I find it easiest to use a palm sander in order to round the edges and corners.  Finish off your sanding with 220 grit sandpaper, making sure your entire board is very smooth.  Wipe it down with a tack cloth or a damp paper towel.

The next step is to seal your wood. I did a little research to try and find the best product to both stain and seal the wood while also being FDA approved for food contact.  I found a great product from The Real Milk Paint Company called Dark Raw Tung Oil.  One of my favorite features is that it forms a waterproof matte finish.  It is also very easy to apply. 

Step 5 – Pour the tung oil directly onto the wood and rub it in using a cotton cloth.  After covering your entire piece, use a clean cloth to remove any excess oil.  Repeat as many layers as you would like to enhance the color.

Step 6 – Let dry completely for 48 hours.  You may want to lay it on a towel as it dries to soak up any any left over oil.

There you have it!  Beautiful bread boards for any occasion! Try using a large one as a centerpiece or the smaller sizes at each table setting.

Thank you for letting me share this project with you! I hope you will come visit me at HosannaMade5 for more project ideas, and I would love to hear how your bread boards turn out! Enjoy the rest of the Pennywise series. I know I will! Thank you, Beckie, for having me today!

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  1. I was looking up something about Tung oil and it says that you shouldn’t use it on items that would be used by a person with a nut allergy. Since it comes from a nut ppl can have an adverse reaction. Interesting!

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