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Happy Mother’s Day to all of you.  I hope your day is blessed and you are spoiled by your families.

Here is one of the good ones…my mom.  I am blessed beyond measure by this woman.


For Mother’s Day I took her out to lunch this and then took her to Joann Fabrics to pick out fabric to redo a chair in her hallway.  Now of all the ways I am like my mother, creativity is not one of the traits she passed down to me.  Joann Fabrics is uncharted territory for my mom.  Which is hilarious since, for me, Joann Fabrics is pretty much like Norm walking into the bar on Cheers.

My mom got this chair on Craiglist.  She paid $7 for it.  She loved the shape and the rose carved embellishment.  She wasn’t crazy about the fabric and there was some dings and scratches in the wood.  So as a Mother’s Day gift I refabbed it for her.

rose carved wood chair

rose carved chair



A little Heirloom white spray paint, some new Waverly Fabric and a piped pillow and she is the perfect little sweetie for my mom’s entryway.

rose carved chair

shabby chic chair

rose carved chair

shabby chic chair

And in case you were wondering what I got for my Mother’s Day.  Hellllo baby!  I have no idea how to use it but am determined to learn.800px-Nikon_D3100

What did you give and get for Mother’s Day?

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  1. Hey! That’s what I got for Mother’s Day too! And I have no clue how to use it yet either, so as you come up with pointers, PLEASE share! I’m having fun figuring it out in the meantime. Have a happy mother’s day and enjoy your present and your sweet mom!

  2. You got a camera!!! I am so thrilled for you!!!! Yay! You should go to My Three Boybarians and read through her 31 Days to learn how to use it. At least start there. Ask some of your blogger buddies and they will help you. Or your readers. I’m sure I’m not the only one who knows how to use one with all your readers.

  3. Cute chair! I actually kind of liked the brown fabric, but your lightened version is a whole different look.

    Have fun with your new camera. That’s quite a gift. Hubby treated the boys and I to a little helicopter ride around the city — totally spontaneous as we were at the aviation museum and saw the signs.

  4. The chair is gorgeous! And your camera looks “to die for”!! I gave my mom some homemade sugar scrubs inspired by “under the table and dreaming”, along with some herbal teas, biscotti, and an Oprah mag. Going out to dinner with my parents tonight as well. My guys gave me an assortment of organic lotions and lip balms, coffees, teas, biscotti, and chocolate (and my hubby cleaned the house for me today).
    Happy Mother’s Day!

  5. What a couple of beauties! Sounds like your mothers dy is well under way and proving to be a great one. The chair looks gorgeous! You did an awesome job with it and Mom did a great job picking the fabric.

  6. Beautiful picture of your mom and you! Sounds like an all around wonderful day! My mother’s day was a breakfast of French Toast, beautiful flowers, cards, some pyrex measuring cups, and new work-out clothes. Church was great, followed by a few errands (looking for new dishes) and now I”m home anticipating my in-laws coming over for pizza this evening. I’m missing my mom in Arizona though! Sadly, I didn’t even get a card in the mail… I got a card, just didn’t get it in the mail – isn’t that awful??! I’ll be sending it late though and calling her today. No beautiful re-finished chairs though – you put me to shame… Happy Mother’s Day to you!!

  7. I love the chair revamp, Beckie! I have a shower curtain from Target’s Waverly line in that same fabric. You did a great job. I got a Nikon D3000 for Christmas, and I love it! I recommend going to Border’s and buying the “Nikon ___ (insert camera model there) For Dummies.” It is MUCH easier to read and learn from than the camera manual. 🙂

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