Guest Room Makeover: Part 1 Dresser Refab

My guest bedroom makeover has begun. I wanted a new dresser for the room. This one is currently in the room…and I am just over it. It was one of my first furniture refab projects. It was free and functional but now I want something bold and beautiful. My goal was to find a solid wood dresser that I could refab for less than $50. I found this for $45 and negotiated a little. I brought it home for $40.

Look at the detail and the antique hardware! I am guessing this was made in the 70s. It actually was in great shape before I painted it. However I wanted to do something different.

So I mixed some leftover paint from Isaac’s room (Behr – Sagey) with some leftover Behr OOPS paint from one of our bathrooms and got a light sage color.

Since this piece had so many crevices I decided to use a Liquid Deglosser instead of sanding the piece. Then I sprayed it with a coat of primer. Then I used the paint mixture I concocted and sprayed it with that.

After the paint dried I used some Folk Art Craft Paint (in Coffee Bean) and mixed 50/50 with a faux glaze (also found in the craft paint section). For a great tutorial on how to faux a piece like this go visit Jen at Sanctuary Arts and tell her I sent ya!

Ooops I got the drawer in wrong place…

The hardware was a dingy brass. I was going to go buy some spray paint in a textured bronze but I decided to dry brush them with the Coffee Bean paint. It dulled the finish so then I just used some clear sealant that I had on hand to give it more of a satin finish.

Project Cost: $40…I had everything else on hand. Perfect!

Do you see the blue painters tape in the background? No more white walls. Here comes Behr’s Barely Pink in an Eggshell finish.