My guest bedroom makeover has begun. I wanted a new dresser for the room. This one is currently in the room…and I am just over it. It was one of my first furniture refab projects. It was free and functional but now I want something bold and beautiful. My goal was to find a solid wood dresser that I could refab for less than $50. I found this for $45 and negotiated a little. I brought it home for $40.

Look at the detail and the antique hardware! I am guessing this was made in the 70s. It actually was in great shape before I painted it. However I wanted to do something different.

So I mixed some leftover paint from Isaac’s room (Behr – Sagey) with some leftover Behr OOPS paint from one of our bathrooms and got a light sage color.

Since this piece had so many crevices I decided to use a Liquid Deglosser instead of sanding the piece. Then I sprayed it with a coat of primer. Then I used the paint mixture I concocted and sprayed it with that.

After the paint dried I used some Folk Art Craft Paint (in Coffee Bean) and mixed 50/50 with a faux glaze (also found in the craft paint section). For a great tutorial on how to faux a piece like this go visit Jen at Sanctuary Arts and tell her I sent ya!

Ooops I got the drawer in wrong place…

The hardware was a dingy brass. I was going to go buy some spray paint in a textured bronze but I decided to dry brush them with the Coffee Bean paint. It dulled the finish so then I just used some clear sealant that I had on hand to give it more of a satin finish.

Project Cost: $40…I had everything else on hand. Perfect!

Do you see the blue painters tape in the background? No more white walls. Here comes Behr’s Barely Pink in an Eggshell finish.

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  1. Neener, neener, neener, I'm the first comment! I love the keyhole type hardware thingy on top! : )
    I can't wait to see what else you do!

  2. you are a genius. Cheap is one thing, but FREE—that's the best kind of cheap there is :)!

  3. Beautiful! I love it! I've got a dresser here that I've been wanting to do something amazing with–this is a great inspiration!

  4. THanks os much for the linky love! 🙂 Great make over! I love how it turned out! Jen

  5. You amaze me! That dresser is beautiful. How do you find the time with your babies?

  6. It's beautiful! You need to link this post up in Pretty Organized Palace's dresser party.

  7. I'm new to your blog. . . and oh, my goodness, what a great introduction you've posted here! That is one happenin' dresser!

  8. You have more energy in your right pinky than I have in my whole body…unreal…

  9. I'm commenting again–just noticed your profile picture. Are you a redhead?! 🙂

  10. Great job! The color doesn't look "sagey" at all – not sure how you can pull all those "pieces" out of your closet – glazers, glossers, brushes, etc. and know just how to apply it all and have it turn out so good – you have some amazing gifts – not just artistic but also gifts of "no fear" and "get it done" – I love that you don't hold back – when you envision something you just let your brain process and get to work… you can tell you've practiced a lot to get that comfortable with taking on "big" projects – compared to your kitchen cabinets this probably didn't feel like such a big project! It looks really really beautiful though and really does look like it is in great shape.

  11. Girl, you are totally amazing. You projects are so very cool. Next time you do a MP project, I wanna sponsor you. Gimme your address!



  12. WHAT a find! First, you had a steal of a dresser to start of with and is fantastic with the new facelift… the hardware looks charming. Girl, can't wait to see it next to your pink!

  13. Steve came home tonight and said, "did you read Beckies' blog? Does the girl ever stop" He mentioned how he's a very motivated guy, but you never stop! I just have to remind myself that this is how you live and breath. We're just different that's all 🙂

  14. Very pretty! First time here…love the blog header. I can see you love to do projects as much as me. cherry

  15. I've really got to start dragging our lazy rears out to garage sales! It looks great. One photo said something about a drawer being out of place but I can't tell at all. I'd really like to know how long it took you to complete the project from the day you brought it home to the day it went in the guest room finished.

  16. Wow. That's, like, a real serious piece of furniture. And NOW it's gorgeous too. Love the finish!

  17. That is a beautiful piece of furniture! Do you have a sprayer? I was too impatient and think I need one for my current project. How much are they?

  18. Beautiful redecor of that dresser. I just updated one of my kids dresser and it was so much fun. Love the colors you chose.

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