Birds on a Wire Wall Art

As I have gotten older, I have found myself taking more pleasure in God’s creation. One of the joys of spring is seeing the birds flitting in the trees and hearing them sing their sweet melodies. It is no wonder people have looked for ways to bring these sweet creatures into their home décor. Designers have not disappointed as birds have been seen everywhere, from ceramic figurines to pillows to wall murals. If you are yet to jump on the bird bandwagon or just can’t get enough of these little guys in your home, today’s post features five ways to decorate with birds.

1. Framed Birds on a Wire

Kyle from Like the Rain was inspired by some fellow bloggers to create this bird wall art to add a bit of color to her kitchen. She simply mod podged fabric onto some birds she bought at Michael’s for a dollar and then hung them on a wire suspended in a thrift store frame. I love how she left the glass off the frame and combined the aged silver frame with the bright, patterned fabrics.

Birds on a Wire Wall Art

2. Wooden Birds and Branches Wall Art

Whitney from Shanty 2 Chic used her Silhouette software and machine to make this birds and branches wall art. She finished it off with some small fabric flowers and pearly buttons. I am loving that little bit of extra detail. After making some for her daughter’s room, she is thinking her own room could also use some bird art. (Can I be next in line to place my order?)

Wooden Birds and Branches Wall Art

3. Fabric Bird Wall Décor

Last year I posted about these sweet little fabric birdies that I “perched” above the doors in my kitchen. I used the same “wallpapering” technique to adhere a fabric tree to the wall in my son’s room. This is a simple project that makes great use of scrap bin fabric. I think the birdies are super cute and add a whimsical quality to the space.

4. Canvas Letter Organizer

Kristine from K McKay Designs loves the representation of life that birds bring into her home. When she has an empty space in need of a little something extra, she finds that adding a little birdie often does the trick. This letter organizer is just one of Kristine’s many bird-inspired projects.

Canvas Letter Organizer

5. Ribbon and Bird Chandelier

After gluing 250 little wings on 250 little birds, Lindsay from Living with Lindsay created her own chandelier to hang in her daughter’s nursery. She made the form using macramé rings, wire hangers, and craft wire. She then attached the ribbon so it draped and glued on her birdies. The look is so soft and delicate. It’s absolutely precious for a little girl’s room!

Bird Chandelier

How have you incorporated birds into your home décor?

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  1. Oh I love bird theme decor!!! I have bird decor in little nooks around my apartment. I love the first idea with the ‘framed bird on a wire’ – that would look ADORABLE in a nursery.

  2. This may be your short stint in the northwest showing through (aka. Portlandia’s “Put a bird on it”). But I do have to admit that it is hard to find something that doesn’t look better with a bird on it! I walk through my house trying to find things I can add birds too. And dahlias (did I spell that right?). And inspiring quotes. I love them all. I want to make that frame.

  3. You blog makes my day…One of my favs for sure! Happy Mother’s Day!! Come read a tribute I wrote to my Mom and Gramma and check out my cash giveaway!

    Xo, Meme

  4. I love visiting your site and the fact that you are always sharing some neat DIY projects. I can’t wait to try making my own Framed Birds on a Wire.

  5. That is hilarious. I just watched the you tube video of “Put a Bird on It.” I love it. Yes straight of PNW right there.

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE these ideas…especially the framed fabric birds. I am decorating my 15 month old daughter’s first room all by herself and how cute of an idea would this be using some of her old baby dresses, ESPECIALLY ones with stains that are not “re-sellable”.

  7. These are beautiful! I am going to make something similar to the birds hanging from a wire…. so inspiring!!

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