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Guess what ya’ll??!?! The day for the Shiplap Bathroom Makeover has finally come where my main floor is completely decorated. WOOHOO! Party time!

This month marks the 3-year mark since we moved into this house and I have definitely worked hard to give it the IC touch. The last and final room on my main floor that needed a little IC TLC was my powder room/half bath. Well, I finally got around to that and I absolutely love the transformed space.

Shiplapped Half Bath Makeover

Before the Makeover

When we first move in we had honey oak everything and drab builder basic lighting and vanities. Here are the iPhone pictures I took of the half bath when we were walking through the house the first time.

It was painted a baby blue and had the cheapest hand towel bars known to man. But it was functional. And sometimes function wins out when I had uglier spaces to tackle first.

My husband finally was like “Hey Babe when are you going to redo the bathroom, at this point it is kind of embarrassing because the rest of the main floor is done.”  

The Hubs never says anything about decorating so I decided I should hop on it if it was bugging him. Not to mention we sprayed all the molding and doors in our house white before we moved in.  

So the bathroom had overspray on it for 3 years. HA!

Shiplap bathroom makeover starts

So I started with planking the walls. Well let me back up. Obviously the flooring was changed out first. We did that within the first year we moved in. And I have never regretted putting in the Providence Hickory flooring.

Everyone who comes into my home comments on the floors. The best part is the hide dirt so well I have to put myself on a cleaning plan to make sure they truly are clean. 100 thumbs up if I could give it!

Ok so back to the planked walls. I have planked two walls before – both in Isaac’s room.  One was his first room in Indiana.  I loved it so much I did it again in his room here in Ohio.  I did the same process.  

How To Install Shiplap in the Bathroom

Cut 1/4″ luan cut into 6″ strips and air nail them to the wall. This time I did use construction adhesive since it was in a bathroom and moisture could be an issue with just nails alone.  

I started from the bottom and worked my way up. Everyone does it differently but I figured it would be easier to cover any gaps at the top rather than the bottom of the wall.  

You can add crown molding but I felt it was too fancy. So I just added 1″x 4″ as “crown molding”.  

It was the perfect choice.

Then I used my Home Right paint sprayer and gave it a coat of White Dove by Benjamin Moore. I absolutely love this creamy white.  

It is the same white I used on all my woodwork and my kitchen cabinets.

So I had this awesome idea of bringing this fun dresser in to use as the vanity that I had redone a few years back…

Funny enough it was featured in last month’s issue of Better Homes & Gardens magazine. But I couldn’t find a sink that was skinny enough. So back to the drawing board…

I was going to build a vanity, but by that time we were already without a sink and toilet for like 2 weeks and my family was growing impatient (I know, first world problems).  

So I went to IKEA and grabbed the gray HEMNES vanity with the ODENSVIK sink. To make it a bit more custom I sanded the drawers fronts down and stained it with Minwax Weathered Oak and Classic Gray.  

Then I added some larger round silver knobs from D. Lawless Hardware to the front.  Just that subtle change made it look more custom.

Then I added a round mirror from Target I found here. But it was gold, so I spray painted it silver to match the lights.

The cage pendant light I got from Amazon and added some Edison Bulbs.  It gives it a nice warm glow in the bathroom so it isn’t super bright in there.

To add some height and design to the bathroom I built a quick ladder just out of some 1×2’s I had in my stash. It was so easy!

I glued the rungs in place and then screwed them in from the backside. To attach it to the wall so it was secure I just used an L bracket to connect the top of the ladder to the wall.

Next, I also stained it the same Minwax Weathered Oak and Classic Gray to pick up on the vanity. I purchased these hanging baskets and these amazing Turkish hand towels.  I LOVE THEM.  

A friend sent me one for a gift and I love how absorbent and decorative they are with the little fringed edges.

I wanted some fun artwork and also wanted to add a touch of color on the walls. This is a very neutral palette so I was dying for color.  

I found this art on Etsy (Flush the Toilet, Wash Your Hands, Wipe your Bum) and got some Sondrum frames from IKEA.

Lastly, I found this large abstract art on clearance Kirklands for only $15!.

So onward ho! All I have left to decorate is my bedroom and bathroom and the kid’s bedroom and bathroom. And the basement.  

But right now it is my kid’s hot mess of a play area. Someday I would like to do a theater room down there.  We will see.

Source List:

Circle Mirror: Target, Farmhouse Pendant Light: Amazon, Foaming Hand Soap Pump: Amazon.  Large Round Knobs: D Lawless Hardware, Sink and Vanity: IKEA, Hanging Baskets on the Ladder: Amazon, Turkish Hand Towels: Amazon, Frame: Sundrum frames from IKEA











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