Farmhouse Industrial Boys Bedroom

For the past month I have been showcasing my son’s farmhouse industrial bedroom.  It is finally complete and I can mark another space in my home off my “to do” list.  I wanted to do one last post of the space in its entirety so you can see how the space came together.  We really love this space.  It is custom and personal to Isaac, but also has the potential to grow with him as he gets into the tween (Lord help us!) years. Here is the view as he walks in the room from the hallway.


Farmhouse Industrial Boys Bedroom

The one thing my son wanted in his room before I started designing his room was his Legos.  I had made that Lego table months ago so the primary colors became the inspiration color pallet for his room.  I loved the shiplap shelves wall I made in our last house so I brought that feature into this space as well.


It gave the room some character and allowed me to really make those shelves personal and custom.   You can read all about styling the shelves and how each piece is meaningful.



The shiplap shelves became the perfect backdrop for the farmhouse pallet bed with the rolling trundle bed I made.


The rolling trundle is awesome because it allows extra space for sleepovers and then rolls away when not in use.  The farmhouse pallet bed is a double bed and the trundle is a single.  The bedding is the ZipIt bedding from Bed, Bath and Beyond. I wish I could tell you the bed always stays like the picture but that isn’t true.  However, the bedding does stay on the bed and off the floor which I consider a success for a 9 year-old boy.


Isaac wanted a desk in his room for homework and computer time.  Unfortunately, when the trundle is pulled out all the way there is no room for a desk.  So we came up with the clever idea to have a drop down desk area.

drop-down-desk (2)

Isaac can pull the chairs off the hook on the wall and pop out the desk when he needs it.  But it tucks nicely away when the trundle is rolled out for guests.


On that wall as well is a bulletin board to keep school notes, countdown to an event, save pictures and ticket stubs, etc.  The pipe and faucet handle coat rack hangs Isaac’s school clothes each day.


The pipe rack also ties into the pipe curtain rods we have on the other wall.


Also on that wall is Isaac’s hanging chair.  It is originally from IKEA but found it new in box at a yard sale.  That is where Isaac does his nightly reading.  And let’s be honest, where him and his sister twist each other round and round and then let go and make each other dizzy.


I am planning on refinishing Isaac’s dresser soon but for now that is where Rocky the tortoise lives.  Even though I don’t love the honey oak finish it is functional and can be refinished as the weather gets a little warmer here in Ohio.



Also since the farmhouse pallet bed is a double and we have the single trundle we picked up some of these AWESOME galvanized bins from Wal-mart for the other side of the bed.  He keeps a bunch of junk in them, I am just grateful for something that corrals the mess. Sometimes that’s the best you can do 😉


His room has been done for a couple of months now and while it occasionally needs to be picked up (of all the clothes and Legos he throws on the floor) the organization is great in this room so it stays fairly organized.




And there you have it.  Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions about the space if I didn’t make anything clear or failed to mention where I purchased something.  If you missed the posts about the room you can click here to read all about this room and his old room in our last house.  Both rooms are pretty fabulous, if I do say so myself.

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  1. His room turned out awesome!!!! Love all that storage. This gives me hope that my sons room will stay somewhat organized once he is older!

  2. Love the room! Do you have plans for the bed? I’d love for my son to build this with dad’s help 🙂

  3. Thanks so much, Sheila. We loved the shiplap wall from his old room and knew we wanted to recreate it in his new space. It’s a great way to add character to a big, nondescript wall.

  4. WOW excellent idea for a boy’s design, this really caught my eye….I wanted to invite you to share this at my linky party going on now. Add as many projects as you like. Hope to see you there…

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