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Well the day has finally come.  I can’t believe Isaac’s room turned out as amazing as it did.  I am so extremely proud of this room and absolutely love every detail of it.  Here it is in all its glory. {Squuuueal!!}

DSC_0144isaacs beauty shots

This is a very eclectic room.  But I know what I like and I am not afraid to mix different styles.  We have a nautical/cottage style planked 2” x 4” shelved wall with industrial pipe hanging beds and curtain rods paired with this gorgeous modern graphic fabric from HGTV Home.


But it all works together to create an amazing space that can grow with Isaac into his tween and teen years (not that it will with his momma’s high need for change – Ha!).

Many of you are afraid of mixing fabrics and textures together because you don’t know how.  This room is a perfect example of mixing patterns and textures, which I think adds depth to the room and makes everything not look too matchy matchy.

I made these “headboards” simply by wrapping and stapling fabric to wood frames I made.  It was a great way to break up the wall as well as add that pop of color to the creamy white wall.


I didn’t want to inundate with room with the crazy fabrics I chose but using them in smaller doses really packed a punch!  So I purchased gray sheets and black bedding (both from Target) along with some white euro shams (Bed, Bath and Beyond).  The HGTV HOME Jigsaw Malachite fabric headboard with the HGTV HOME Turtle Malachite lumbar pillow look amazing, don’t they?  The blanket tucked into the end of the bed is a king chevron cotton blanket from Target (Threshold brand) that I cut in half and sewed to make two.  Pssst…The first person to name the book sitting on the bed will get a prize. It is my all-time favorite children’s book and makes me cry every time.


I wanted to keep a reading spot in Isaac’s room.  So I added some rain gutter book shelves (Lowes – $25).  The bright covers on the children’s book add color and leave me not needing to do much else to decorate that wall.


I made another pillow with the Turtle Malachite fabric with some HGTV Home Wavy Gimp trim in black and white and added it to an inexpensive dorm type chair from Target.  The alphabet art I am not totally in love with.  But with only having 30 days to complete this space custom art will have to be saved for another day.


I actually left Isaac’s dresser alone. {GASP!} I am sure one day it will get painted or restained but I like mixing wood tones as well to the space and thought the light wood paired with the dark beds would look wonderful.  Also the seagrass basket (Target) in front of the beds gives another layer of texture and wood tone to it. Yum!

green and gray room

My son still loves superheroes so the vintage comic book posters are a perfect fit.  The little basket filled with books is one I snagged from my craft studio( Byholma from IKEA).


With each room I decorate I try and bring the personality of the person or family into the room.  This bear Isaac has had since he was born.  We call it his Isaac bear because he has a hand-knit Isaac sweater he usually wears.  But the bear went bare for pictures ;-).


Styling the planked and shelved wall proved to be crazy difficult.  So I asked my source of inspiration for the wall, Layla from The Lettered Cottage and she was HUUUUGE in helping me pull all the little details to make this room amazing.  Huge hugs to her!  Here are some of the details on the wall.

My son is so photogenic. I love that toothless smile and want to capture this moment in time.


Isaac’s love for his sister is unparallel.  I have told him ever since Kayla was born that his job was to be her protector.  He is that and so much more.  The love they share is perfectly captured is this pictures taken by my friend Annie.


I got all the football stuff since Isaac just started football this year and is really into it.  So I wanted to bring some of that in the room because it is such a representation of the phase of life he is in.


A simple wood frame (from T.J Maxx) with a printed out “I”…


And then there is this bear that I stole from Kayla for styling….the minute this reveal is done he will be gone. All of the sudden this has become her favorite bear in all the world. HA!


One of the things that I need to remember when styling is that white space is good.  It gives your eye something to rest on and you are able to enjoy the pops of colors and detail of decoration.


One the opposite wall I created a Pottery Barn Stanton Collection knock-off .  This is a great spot to keep track of schedules, birthday invites, rewards won, etc.  I used some of the Turtle Malachite fabric on this to cover a corkboard.

Pottery Barn stanton collection

I love the grommet topped curtains I made with the pipe curtain rod.  Not only are they gorgeous and functional they are easy for Isaac to open and close easily because they slide so well on the pipe.

Oh and I also replaced the fan with a more modern industrial light fixture (Lowes).  The fan would no longer work because of the placement of the beds.  Since we never used the fan it wasn’t hard to part with.


That street light was actually in his original room.  I got it from a yard sale last year and it serves as his night light.  It switches from red to green and it totally goes with the industrial vibe of the room.

green and blackroom

The table in between the beds was given to me for free from a friend who was moving.  I changed out the knob.  It could use some touch up paint but I am fine with it for now.  I added some of those Byholma baskets and a lamp from Target.  That little car was hand painted by me when I was pregnant with Isaac. Tim took me out on a date to a “paint your own pottery place”.  Tim hates stuff like that but it was a special date because he knew I would love it. We both painted cars for Isaac. It was the first little gift I made for him.


The little stool that the white bear is on is a stepstool I made a while ago from an old nightstand….Roadkill Rescue style.

gray and green bedrom

So what do you think?  Do you love it?  How about a good before and after!




green boys bedroom decor




DSC_0013green and blackroom

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  1. Looks fantastic Beck! Can’t wait to see it in person. I don’t go back to work until the 30th, it’s too bad your kiddos will be in school or I would have done a quick trip out there to see it! Great job

  2. Wow Beckie! Well done! It’s amazing!!! Love the beds, the fabrics, the colors, the rain gutter book holders…and just everything about it! Great job! You ROCK!

  3. Becky, this is amazing! I love everything about it! You are extremely talented and your children are beautiful. Going to share on our face book page!

  4. Yahoooo! Complete and you rocked it!! I love the mix of everything. My favorites are the superhero posters added to the mix, the mix of woods is a good thing, and your PB knock-off message center is pretty clever. The beds are of course amazing and overall the room flows beautifully! Awesome work Beckie! Now do you need a break? Oh, and I love what you told your son when your daughter was born–so precious and such a special “responsibility” for him 🙂

  5. I love this Becki! It’s amazing and I know I’ve said this but this is by far my favorite fabric collection. I can’t wait to get some for my playroom!! Great job! Lesley

  6. Great Job Beckie!!! It all came together and looks awesome. I hope Isaac gets to celebrate your hardwork with a sleep over soon.

  7. Awesome job!!!!!!!! I absolutely love this room!!!!!!! I am not trying to be rude, as I love love love this room but the dresser really needs to be painted or stained. Love everything else though! 🙂

  8. Thankfully little boys don’t grow up quite as fast as their awesome bedrooms, but it does happen before you know it. Then all of a sudden that protective brother is crying at his little sisters wedding and telling her how proud of her he is. And that happens too.

    We have son #4 occupying a room each one used, and I’ll tell ‘ya….pipe curtain rods hold up forever!

  9. Beckie. Seriously. Is there anything you CAN’T do?! That bedroom is incredible. Truly jaw-droppingly creative and amazing. I love that you left the dresser natural and the white wall with shelves is just unbelievable. Have I thrown enough adjectives at you yet? Awesome job!

  10. OH I wish I could be half as creative as you! I love it!! Does Isaac love it?? Looks like room that should not be played in!:) HA…. Great job!!

  11. Looks amazing!!! I love all of the colors! My son has the same before furniture that you had. After seeing this I am thinking of painting it to give his room a new look. On a side note, I can’t believe how much Isaac looks like Tim in that picture.

  12. The book is Thank You, Mr. Falker by Patricia Polacco- one of my favorites too! This turned out amazing! Way to go!

  13. I love it!!! It is fabulous. This is my favorite, maybe because I had a boy too. I would love to pick my favorite thing, but it is ALL my favorite. Awesome job. I will certainly share this with my nieces who
    have boys. Thanks for sharing. Love your blog.

  14. You did such an amazing job, this room looks fantastic!! My boys would love it, and I love the green mixed with wood tones, perfect!!

    xo, Tanya

  15. Absolutely stunning. You are an amazingly gifted creative lady! But what I love most is your excitement and willingness to teach and inspire others. What a gift!

  16. I love the room. The colors make the room so inviting. “Thank You, Mr Faulker” is my favorite book too. I read it to my students every year and can never get through it without crying. Actually most of her books make me teary.

  17. Wow, Beckie! Isaac’s room is absolutely amazing. I adore those beds, kind of want one for myself! When I was younger and more nimble, I would have lain under those beds for hours with a book. Not sure why under instead of on top…. Anyway, you pulled everything together so perfectly. Isaac must be ecstatic.

  18. I would be squealing, too if I had created such a beautiful boys room. Can a boys room be beautiful? In this case, a resounding YES! I bet you are the coolest mom on the block. Well done!

  19. Great job, friend. It’s just crazy to me how your talent has grown and changed over the years. You have a true gift!! Maybe we can come see Isaac’s new digs one of these days. I know my kids would love staying in that room!

  20. I love it!! Such an awesome transformation Becky – I just moved my two little guys into the same bedroom and painted a vintage waterfall dresser in emerald – need to get some of that navy and emerald fabric to tie it together with the other fabrics I have in their room. I LOVE the beds and the panelled wall and the message center – such fabulous unique touches. Amazing job- pinning!!

  21. I had SO much fun e-styling with you, Beckie! The room is SO fun and I can’t wait to see it in person some day! 😀

  22. Ok. It takes a lot for me to say “WOW” out loud . I was scrolling through facebook eating my salad and saw your post. I picked up my laptop and brought it right to my eyes and said, what the BLEEP! 🙂 hehe This made me say, “WOW bleep bleep”! This is one of the best makeovers I have ever seen ! YAY!!!!!!!! 🙂

  23. Beckie, this look amazing!!! I love the mix of patterns, the fabrics are awesome, the beds in the air are pretty fab, love the stoplight, love the little car you made for him years ago, how you used pictures in their decoration, and so much more. Great job!!

  24. Hi Beckie. I really like the suspended beds. They look great. And the wall behind them reminds of the single skin tropical workers’ cottages which are found throughout Queensland. The room looks fantastic. You must be so happy.

  25. This room is so great! The navy and green is perfect. What stain did you use to finish the beds?

  26. Ha! Glad to hear my $20 will go a long way. 😉 And, I think you just brought a tear to my eye. I am definitely not ready for any weddings yet! Gah!

  27. Your son’s new room has such a unique look and the suspended beds are over the top cool!! Love the cottage/industrial mix and most definitely all the touches of green. I had fun watching all you girls share your rooms on the G+ hangout, too. ~ Amy

  28. His room turned out fabulous. The best part about doing a kid’s room is how special it makes them feel. Nothing like filling a room with love. You paid attention to every detail and the room rocks.

  29. AWESOME job Beckie!! I sooo envy your creativity!! I wanted to check into how you did the Pipe hanging beds and I clicked on the link to it and it takes me to the the Fabric Wall Art tutorial. Can you send me the link please?

    Thanks so much! You inspire me!

  30. Beckie! what an amazing transformation. Isaac’s room looks great. He’s a lucky boy to have such a talented mom!


  31. Beckie that room is awesome! My son loves the color green and I am getting ready to redo his room. So I will be going to Joann’s to get some material!

  32. Becky, you are amazing!! My 7 year old son and I were drooling over what he called the coolest beds ever when my husband pointed out that we don’t have an attic. I told him that we need to move. 🙂 I love your sites!

  33. Awesome work Becky, love this entire design and individual details. Side note: We’re also carrying these HGTV fabrics but for about twenty cents cheaper per yard 😉

  34. Thank you, Mary Beth. I am so glad you found the room inspiring and would love to see if you follow any of my tutorials. Best of luck with your space!

  35. I love the hanging bed. I am going to be rearranging all of our bedrooms and it is nice to get some ideas especially for boys room.

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