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We are huge gaming family. If you saw my game closet you would gasp. I could open a game store. My family never played games growing up, so my husband says I am trying to make up for lost time. Click through the slideshow to see our favorite games with a short description of my thoughts about each game below.

What games do you like to play as a family?  I am always open to learning new games or reemerging an oldie.  I would love some of your suggestions.

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  1. I think my first comment was lost, so hopefully this is not a repeat…We love Forbidden Island, a cooperative game where you play together against the game. Also simpler, but still lovely, is Max by Family Pastimes. Have you ever seen the Games Magazine Top 100 Games of the Year awards. Heaven!

  2. I love Quelf Jr! I bought that for my niece a couple of years ago and we love to play it. The Lego Constructionary game is also awesome-it’s like pictionary, but you have to build what’s on the card with Legos.

  3. We love the card game Wig Out!!! It is easy and fun. If you have just a bit of time (like “I have to go start dinner”) play one or two rounds or more time play several rounds. You have to get it! And I still really like UNO.

  4. Wiggity Bang Games, the creators of Quelf Jr. among others are my sister in law and her husband. We’ve loved these games for years as well as their more recent offerings Furt and Open Up!

  5. Thanks for the suggestions, we are a game-playing family too. Have you tried Rush Hour? We like it a lot. It’s harder than it first appears and can entertain the whole family or be played by one person on his own. Great game. I am going to look for Quelf Jr. for my son’s birthday next week.

  6. We aren’t a huge game playing family, but Catan Jr is probably our favorite. Both adults enjoy it along with the 5 and 8yo.

  7. I ordered “Spot It” on Amazon at Christmas when I saw it had over 1300 5 star ratings. We love it! Easy for all ages to play, small enough to pack and take to a restaurant while waiting. Thanks for sharing your favorites too, since our kids are similar in age, I’ll order a couple of them. The “Guess Who” came has been updated????? Get out! I like the premise of the game but hated the predictability the old version.

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