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As part of the Lowe’s Creative Ideas Blogger Team my monthly challenge was to create some organization in my home.  So they sent me a gift card to purchase some items and I decided to tackle my newly remodeled TV cabinet.  Yesterday I showed you the before and after Blue TV Cabinet.

tv armoire before and after

The gorgeous blue cabinet is nothing but a pretty thing if it isn’t functional and organized for my kids. Now let me tell you I am a huge fan of hidden storage.  But I am also a realist.  With a 5 year old and a 3 year old if they can’t see their toys they don’t play with them.  I am slowly letting my love for hidden storage die and purchased some see through cloth bins from Lowes…

see through bins

I got six large see through Harvey Lewis Tapered Totes.  At $12.98 a piece they are quite the investment but a clean room is similar to the Mastercard commercial quip…priceless.  And although I can still see all the junk inside the bins I am working through my issues and will get over it soon. {snicker}

harvey lewis fabric bins

The top two bins hold things that my kids conveniently can’t reach — Play-Doh and paints. The middle ones hold stickers books/coloring essentials and video game stuff.  The bottom two hold smaller games that need to be corralled a little better.

These bins also have tops to them but that would be one more thing I would see crushed and tossed elsewhere.  It is all about instant gratification when it comes to playing so I put those in storage for when they are a little older.

The beauty of this bins, besides being see through is that they have cloth bottoms which is perfect for a painted surface.  They just glide across without leaving marks or ripping up the paint.

I also found the Harvey Lewis 2 Compartment Narrow Tray ($6.98) in the same aisle which is perfect to put next to the TV with our Wii remotes, TV remote and Wii Steering Wheel.

Wii remote storage

tv cabinet storage

Thank you to Lowes for helping me bling out my Blue TV Cabinet.  It is functional and is working wonderfully with my kiddos.


I know what you are really dying to know about — the Wii Game Storage in the insets of the cabinet doors.  Yep, it is awesome! Click here to see the tutorial.

wii game storage





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  1. I think we got the exact same armoire at yard sales! Although, I paid $20 for mine and I STILL haven’t fixed the doors. So, FYI, be careful with those doors. Mine are cracked from the previous owners. They obviously had kids open them too hard. I wish mine was looking as gorgeous as yours is! I’m excited to read more about it!

  2. WOW!!! That looks amazing! I love the turn out and I know what you mean about wanting to hide it all but I have to say it works soooo well in this kid friendly look!

  3. Oh my gosh, the Wii game storage!! That looks brilliant! Can’t wait for the tutorial! As for the bins & the rest of the organization, it looks fab! So much better than the jumbled & tangled shelf look that we’ve got going on over here! Love it!

  4. To hide the things inside the tubs, you could just cut scrapbook paper and tape it in; you can do it on all sides or just the side that faces out toward the front. Just a suggestion since you said you don’t like to see through things! (Me either!) 🙂

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