BHG Dining Room with text

Just because a dining area is part of the kitchen doesn’t mean it can’t be as pretty as a separate, formal dining room. Vintage doesn’t automatically mean frumpy or boring!  

I found proof of that in this inspiration photo from Better Homes & Gardens.

BH&G Dining Room

What I love about this space is the way that bright pops of color are layered against neutrals. The colorful fabrics and sophisticated furnishings are a terrific pairing.  

The non-traditional colors and prints keep the dining set from looking too stuffy, and the classic furniture keep the colors from looking too juvenile.  

I don’t think it would be too hard, if you tired of one color scheme, to switch out the curtains and accessories to create a brand new look, which makes this decor really versatile.

BH&G Dining Room with text

The best thing about this room is that I’m pretty sure that a similar look can be achieved without spending much money, so I challenged myself to find 5 DIY projects that might be used to recreate it.

Tutorial Collage

5 Ways to Get The Vintage Dining Room Look

1.  Upcycled Sheet Curtains

Beautiful Matter sheet curtains

Need an easy, no-or-little-sew curtain? Sheets are your answer.  

They come in a great variety of color and patterns, and offer real length and width.  

Check out this tutorial using vintage sheets for curtains from Beautiful Matters.

2.  Chunky Baseboards

House of Smiths chunky baseboards

Nothing looks more elegant than beefed-up moldings and baseboards.

House of Smiths shares the way to get a big baseboard look without spending a bunch on lumber and moldings.

3.  Stenciled Table Runner

Celebrating Everyday Life table runner

Celebrating Everyday Life offers a tutorial for creating a custom, stenciled table runner.

Table runners are a terrific way to dress up a table without going to a lot of effort.

They are easy to store, too!

4.  Upholstered Chairs

Craftaholics Anonymous upholstered chairs

Aren’t the blue seat cushions on the chairs in my inspiration photo nice?

You’ll find a lot of online tutorials for reupholstering chairs, but this one from Craftaholics Anonymous is one of the best I’ve seen for adding new upholstery to wood chairs.

5.  DIY Artwork

Sew Dang Cute styrofoam wall art

The colorful artwork in my inspiration photo looks amazing.  

But if you are nervous about using paint to recreate this Vintage Dining Room look, don’t worry.  

Great art is as close as your fabric stash!  

Follow this tutorial at Sew Dang Cute to turn fabric and styrofoam into collage-worthy art.

What’s your favorite thing about this room?

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