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If you are a blog reader at all you have seen many bloggers write some sort of post where we look back through our year and showcase our favorite projects we have completed.  (Click here for my 2012 post). It is so empowering to look back and see all we all accomplished and the fun, creative adventures along the way.  


By far my favorite, and yours too based on statistics, is my craft room reveal.  This project, to date, was my most challenging, most expensive, and most amazing project I ever completed.  And it will remain, my favorite room in my entire house.

craft studio reveal

1.  Large Craft Table – Coming in at over 40 square feet, this amazing craft table sits like an island in the middle of the room and creates a large space to work on all my projects as well as engage the kids in creativity – which was one of my goals this year.


2.  Paint Storage Door – This large door stores all of my crafts paints as well as opens up to a drop-down ironing board for when I am working on sewing projects.  And I personally think it is the coolest feature in the craft room.

hidden door shelf

3.  Built in Cabinets – This was the first project in my studio.  With Sandra from Sawdust Girl as my coach, we completed this amazing 9 cabinet storage for all of my craft supplies.  It was hard work.  I wanted to give up, I wanted to curse, and I wanted to punch Sandra in the face at times.  But I couldn’t be more grateful for her walking me through to completion.  It is amazing!


4.  Hanging Beds – We built some amazing pipe and wood hanging beds for Isaac’s room back in August.  Whenever a new friend comes for a visit he is always asking them if they want to come see his bedroom.  He has had many a sleepovers in there and it is quite a novelty room for a 7 year old.  Check out the full room reveal here as well.


 5.  Business Card Wallet – If you can sew at all you would love this business card wallet my cousin and I sewed this summer.  It is huge and holds over 38 reward cards, gift cards or credit cards.  I have it in my purse and love it to this day.

business card wallet

 6.  Busy Bag Tutorial – This simple sewing tutorial is great for traveling with kids, especially toddlers.  You can store crayons, markers, puzzles, and other little distractions in the bags for long car rides.


 7.  My Daughter’s Health Story – While this wasn’t a DIY project per se, it certainly was one of the major turning points in our family.  You can read all about my daughter’s struggle with low immunity, our obsession with essential oils, and her path to healing.


 8. Thanksgiving Pallet Art – I used the same tutorial to make a Thanksgiving and Valentine pallet art.  It is huge and a great wall statement for under $10.


9.  Lego Table – Made out of an 80’s parquet table that was destined for a landfill, I turned this table  into a functional storage and Lego creation area.

How to make a Lego Table by Infarrantly Creative

10.  Farmhouse Bench with Pottery Barn Flash Card Knock-off Art – Needing to revamp an area in my playroom as well as create a bench for our kitchen table when we have guests I created this bench with some flashcard art.


WOW that’s a whole lot of blood, sweat and DIY.  2013 was a great year for me both personally and professionally.  I am stoked to see what 2014 holds for Infarrantly Creative.  Thank you, to you my sweet reader, for joining me on my adventures everyday.   You have turned this DIY girl’s dream into a reality.  Mwaaahh!

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