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Hiya peeps, no giveaway today. Gasp!   I know, I know!   Next Friday for sure.   I wanted to show you my new sink area.   Okay the sink isn’t new but the faucet is!   The kind people at Moen sent me a kitchen faucet to review after my Interchangeable Faucet Words.   I guess they felt sorry for me.   Just kidding!   I begged them!


It is hard to do a total unbiased review of this.   After all, I did have Moen’s bottom of the line faucet in the first place, the Chateau faucet.   While it would have been fun to change out the words on the knob I am very grateful for the HUGE upgrade.


Now don’t get me wrong, water came out of this faucet just fine.   My biggest complaint about it was having to turn two knobs to get the right temperature.   And let’s face it, I am a mom…I got things to do, little people to chase and places to go.

I also didn’t like the sprayer being on the right of the sink.   I definitely love the feature of the spray nozzle being built into the faucet.

So they sent me the Lindley Spot resist Finish faucet in chrome.   PERFECTION!


You could still smell the remains of the Fed Ex truck on it when I installed it, 30 minutes after its arrival.   Thanks Mike!


The one handle lever just made by day but it also has a high arc for more clearance.   It was such a stark difference from my old faucet I was wondering if it was too high and looked out of place.   It took ten minutes of questioning and then I fell in love.   It is much easier to wash large pots now. Plus I now have a built in dishwashing soap dispenser!   Wohoo!


It also has one of those low flow thingies built in so you get the same amount of water pressure but use 32% less water.   I am down with saving a little on my water bill.   It also has a spot finish.   I must admit I am so smitten with my new faucet I have kept it sparkling clean since its arrival so I can’t tell you about the spot finish yet.   We will have to wait for the honeymoon period to be over and for me to not be as meticulous with cleaning it.


So enough about my faucet I wanted to tell you why my sink area is perfect now.   Of course the faucet upgrade was paramount but there are a few more things I love.


Now I love having the built in dishwashing soap dispenser but I have a huge crush on foaming soap. I make all my own foaming soap but after several refills on the Bath & Body Works dispenser or the like they get all clogged. Enter Cuisipro Foam Pump.   You can buy it at Crate & Barrel or Amazon (Amazon is cheaper…duh!)

cuisipro foaming soap dispenser

Not only does it have the portions on the side of the pump so you have perfect foaming soap every time, but it has a removable suction cup base.   See that is why the foaming soap gets jacked after awhile.   The soap gets clogged into the pump when it falls over, which definitely happens hourly with children.   But since the Cuisipro Foam Pump has a removable suction cup my kids haven’t knocked it over once.   I want to buy one for each of my bathrooms too.   I am saving my Swagbucks up!

Lastly, I heart built my sink tip out trays.   if you have the false drawer fronts under your sink you NEED to install some.   I will say the installation isn’t for a beginner, unless you plan on cussing a few times.   It took me about an hour the first tray I did.   But now I have them in every bathroom in my house also.

sink trays

I love having my sponge and brush so close by and the nice part about the trays are they are removable so you just pop them in the dishwasher when they start to look scuzzy.   I got mine at Menards and they are by Rev-a-Shelf.   I got mine for about $17 for a pair.

sink tip out trays

The Lindley Faucet, Cuisipro Foam Soap Dispenser and tip out trays and my sink is the bomb.   Now if I could just get new countertops….

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  1. What a lovely change!!!! Your faucet is beautiful! I would love to try out Moen, my husband is a Kohler guy!

    I would love to hear more about the tip out drawer front!! We have the fake drawer fronts right there and would love to make them usable!

  2. Oh they are awesome! All you need is one of those kits and you are in business…no extra purchases. Everything comes in the package. They are great for toothbrushes in the bathrooms.

  3. Wow, gorgeous faucet, and nice job on the installation of your tipout organizers. I have them too and LOVE them! Your sink area looks gorgous, so nice, bright, clean and organized!

  4. Lucky girl! Yes, that’s a huge improvement. Gorgeous faucet. But I’m so jealous! I want somebody to send me a faucet or something to review! But I suppose with a blog name like Excuse Me While I Buy This Junk, I can forget that dream. LOL

  5. The Rev-a-Shelf peeps made the tilt out tray installation super easy now. The new boxes come with a cardstock template to use for EVERY step of the install. There is literally no measuring– just use the template!!! The first tilt out trays I installed I did about 3 years ago. I decided to do them when Ben was in Brazil. Long story short, I cut myself and blead, I cussed then I cried, and when I realized my cabinets were going to be in pieces for the next week until Ben got home and could finish the install, I went next door and asked my neighbor for help, Anyways, the installation instructions of 3 years ago were aweful but now they are clear, easy to understand, and super easy. I just installed them in my new house about 8 weeks ago and I did two bathrooms and a kitchen in about two hours.

  6. You are right it is easier but i still think they are challenging for a beginner. I can do them pretty well now but the first few were hard!

  7. hmmmm….I wonder who that was under the kitchen sink!!!??? Looks great..he does a great job huh!! He came home telling me to check out your blog…duh I already had!!

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