Wii Game Storage

While we only just got the Wii a few months back I can see how a family can amass quite a few games.  We only have 6 games currently but I figured I would rather be proactive in the storage area than reactive.  So with the newest addition to our playroom (A.K.A…the Blue TV Cabinet) I decided to utilize every square inch, including the door insets.

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wii game storage

Each inset can hold a dozen games for a total of twenty-hour Wii games.  Since we only have 6 right now I also added our DVD’s to it as well.  You could also add more games, DVDs, or CD’s if you didn’t mind not seeing the whole front of them.  But for the 5-year old boy that lives in our house 2 is plenty.


Mat board

12” of Vinyl on the roll

Skinny Double Bias Tape

Hot Glue Gun

Sewing machine with coordinating thread



Scotch Blue Painters Tape

Box Cutter

Straight edge

Fabric (I used drop cloth)

1.  Measure the insets of your doors and then subtract a 1/2” all the way around.  I had a curved top so I had to make a pattern for that first.  Next using those measurements cut out a piece of mat board to size.  I found mine at Michaels for $6.  Using a box cutter and a straight edge cut out your mat board.

2.  Cut out a piece of fabric that is 3” wider and taller than your board.  Then wrap it around your board taping it with the painter’s tape to give it a temporary hold.

DSC_0062 (2)


3.  Cut your vinyl into 4” strips then sew your bias tape onto the edge of it.  Then cut out your vinyl into 12” lengths.  I used 6 vinyl lengths for each inset.

DSC_0058 (2)

vinyl with bias tape

4.  Now position your vinyl on the front of your fabric wrapped mat board using your tape to hold it in place while you sew it.


5.  Unwrap all the tape off the back and sew it in place.  Sew the bottom edge of each of the vinyl 1/4” from the edge.

Tip: The vinyl wants to stick to the foot on your machine.  If you tape your foot (cutting a hole for the needle with an Exacto knife) it will not stick and will sew nicely without bunching up.


6.  Position your sewn piece on the front of your mat board and then wrap it onto the back hot gluing the fabric in place.  Then hot glue the vinyl down as well.  It doesn’t look pretty on the back but it looks awesome on the front.



7.  Using a truckload of hot glue — glue it to the inset to your doors and pop your games in place.  Or you could always use Velcro or something else in case you didn’t want this look forever.

wii game storage2


This is perfect for children because they don’t have to try and rip them out of the boxes they come in and they are all right there in front of their eyes.

harvey lewis fabric bins

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  1. Wow Beckie, great idea. The whole thing looks awesome! We had the same problem, but our solution was much more simple. Now I feel silly, ha ha! But, my kids are older so the cases aren’t an issue…well shouldn’t be an issue anyway. Here is what we did: http://www.turnstylevogue.com/2011/11/popsicle-stick-files.html

    Have a great day!


  2. This is pretty much brilliant, Beckie! I love it! It definitely beats trying to get in and out of all of those game holders.

  3. One of the drawers in our TV stand is dedicated to Wii stuff – wheels, nunchuks, etc. The games are also in the drawer in a CD wallet from IKEA. I keep all the cases in a box in the garage so that if we loan out a game or sell it we still have the case.

  4. Beckie, this idea rocks! I’ve shared a link on my Facebook page 🙂

  5. Aren’t you just the smartest lady ever? I love this. And I love your new blue cabinet btw. It all came together just fabulously.

  6. Genius. Seriously this idea is fabulous.

  7. Ok this is one of the best ideas I have seen! Absolute genius! We store all of our games and DVD’s in a zippered cd car case (so that its very easily portable for traveling), the empty cases are put in a bin and in our basement and all of the accessories for the Wii are in a basket in our TV cabinet.

  8. Brilliant. I have a drawer that keeps all the wii stuff in, but my kids are too lazy to pull out the case and put the disc back in. This would work great. Pinning!

  9. Oh, that’s pure genius!

  10. very clever idea!

  11. Absolutely brilliant, as always. You’re my organizational guru master. But more importantly, how is Wii Zumba?!?! I need some more cardio. 😉

  12. Wonderful idea! I may need to do this if I get any more games.


  13. Ooh, great idea! We got a Wii for Christmas this year, and thanks to a huge sale at the GameStop, we are set for games. I think I need to adapt this idea to our storage area!

  14. I LOVE this…so adorable!! Great Job!!!


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