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The summer is a great time to bust out some crafts with the kids.  Whether they are spending too much time on screens, the weather is less than stellar or you just want to engage your kids with another form of creativity, crafts are an awesome way to teach your kids to explore.  Kayla and I decided to make a sunburst out of popsicle sticks to add to her gallery wall in her bedroom.  sunburst


Plaid Ultra Dye in various colors

craft sticks

7†Embroidery hoop

wood glue

foam brushes

disposable gloves

1.  Make sure to protect your work area and your kid’s skin by wearing gloves and covering your table.  The gloves I had for Kayla were a bit large but worked for the job.

2.  With a foam brush coat each craft stick front and back with the dye.  Just a thin coat is needed.  Let them dry.



3.  Also coat an embroidery hoop in one coat of the dye.  Let dry.


4.  Once dry you can sand them a little to give them a distressed look, or don’t and let the sticks remain vibrant.


5.  Squirt some wood glue on your hoop working a little at a time.  Make sure to prop your sticks up while they are drying so they don’t slip off the hoop.



6.  Once completely dry you can unscrew your embroidery hoop pin.  The glue on the sticks will hold the hoop in place.


Use a small nail to hang it.  If dye isn’t your thing and you want a more subtle look grab some craft paints and paint them with those instead.



Add this to a cute kid’s gallery.  Check out the hanging notepad tutorial and kid’s string art.  They were fun projects to do and add to this space.


It sure makes a cute wall decor or door wreath that your kids will be proud to showcase.  I am always so happy to see my kid’s face when their art makes it on our walls.  Such a beaming proud look on their faces.


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