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String art made easy for kids. I love string art. 

So I have kind of been obsessed with string art this year. From everything to my “Home Sweet Home” board, my reverse string art word of the year sign, to my very own holiday string art product that is in Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores. 

So naturally my 6 year old daughter has taken a liking to it too. The only problem is she is 6 and wielding small nails and a hammer isn’t super feasible for her to do independtly. 

So usually I do the hammering and nailing and then she strings. Enter the Klutz String Art Activity Book and my daughter made a whole string art gallery wall for her room.

Klutz String Art for Kids book

I mean how cute is that for a 6 year old?!? I was so impressed with this book in particular but I will say, you can’t go wrong with any Klutz activity books. 

Every Christmas I buy my kids an activity book of some sort. Last year I bought the Klutz Pom Pom animals book for Kayla, and the Paper Airplane book for Isaac. 

This year Klutz sent me 5 of their activity books to try out.

Klutz craft books

These have been such a treat for Kayla and I to do together. I will say the Pop Collage was my least favorite probably due to the fact that Kayla is only 6 so she doesn’t really understand the aspect of collaging. 

My second favorite was the Finger Knitting, following by the Shrink & Link Jewelry.

Ok so back to the String Art. I wish I would have thought of this brilliant way for Kayla to do string art. 

There are no nails just push type pins with this little tool to make them all the same height.

Klutz String Art Tutorial

So first things first is you choose your paper to cover the 4 ply corrugated cardboard. 

All the papers are marked so you can center the paper and then you just use Scotch tape to tape the edges like you would a present.

string art for kids

Of course, like her mama, she doesn’t want to just do one board she wants to do them all.


Next Kayla picked out the designs she liked. Included in the package was template/transfer paper. 

You simply put the paper over the design and use a Sharpie to mark your dots.


Then you take your template and put it on top and stick your pins through your template into your paper covered cardboard. 

They have this enclosed tool that you use to push the pins in. 

No sore fingers from pushing – brilliant!


Plus the little handy tool makes sure all the pins are pushed in the same height. 

Way easier than pounding them into wood!


string art made easy for kids

After all the pins are pushed in you simply rip away the template.

DSC_0787string art for kids

Brilliant right??? These makes string art so much easier for kids to do independently….on top of mom’s studio table, full of microwave popcorn and Smoothie King cups. 🙂

DSC_0788string art for kids
DSC_0794string art for kids-tall

Kayla was so proud of her creations. She worked on them a little at a time over 4 days.

string art gallery wall

I backed them with some 3M Command Picture Hanging Strips and hung them on my studio wall just for picture purposes but they are actually hanging in Kayla’s room above her desk. 

They are so adorable.

string art for kids (2)

You can make a whole gallery wall of just string art. 

Plus these would make cute gifts to give the grandparents or teachers as a handmade gift.

Types of Other String Art Projects to Try

As a DIY enthusiast, I love exploring various types of charming string art projects that are not only fun but also easy for kids to create. String art allows children to express their creativity and create unique designs using colorful threads and nails.

Here are a few types of string art that your kids will enjoy:

Geometric Designs

Creating geometric designs is a great starting point for kids who are new to string art. They can make simple shapes like squares, triangles, or hexagons, and gradually move on to more complex, intricate designs like stars or even animals.

The geometric string art design is not only visually appealing but also helps children develop their spatial awareness and math skills.

Name or Initial Art

Another exciting type of DIY string art for kids is creating their names or initials. This personal touch adds a sense of ownership and pride to their finished string art project.

Kids can experiment with different fonts and colors to make their name or initial art truly unique. This type of string art makes for fantastic personalized gifts or room decorations.

Seasonal and Holiday Themes

DIY string art projects can also be centered around seasonal or holiday themes, such as hearts for Valentine’s Day, pumpkins for Halloween, or Christmas trees for the holiday season. These projects are a fantastic way to celebrate special occasions and engage children in the festive spirit.

Kids can get creative by adding additional elements like flowers, stars, or snowflakes to enhance the theme.

Materials Needed for More Advanced Projects

To embark on a collaborative string art adventure with your kids, you’ll need a few basic materials.

Here’s a list of items you’ll require:

Wooden Board or Canvas

Choose a board made from a sturdy piece of wood or canvas as the base for your inspiring string art projects. Make sure it is large enough to accommodate the design your child wants to create.


Get some small nails, gold nails, dark nails, or brass nails, that are easy for kids to handle. Opt for nails with a flat head, as they provide a better grip for securing the embroidery threads, most especially heavy crochet threads.

Craft Hammer

A small hammer is necessary to drive the nails into the board or canvas. Make sure to supervise your child while they use the hammer and guide them on proper hammering techniques.

Colored Threads

Select a variety of vibrant and contrasting colored tails of thread to bring life to the string art. It’s a good idea to have different thicknesses and textures to add visual interest to the final piece.

Safety Tips

While string art is generally safe for kids, it’s essential to follow a few safety tips to ensure a worry-free crafting experience:

Provide Adult Supervision

Always supervise children while doing inspiring string art projects, especially when they are using a hammer or nails. Provide guidance on proper handling and ensure they are using the tools safely.

Wear Eye Protection

Encourage children to wear safety goggles or glasses to protect their eyes while hammering the nails.

Mind the Sharp Edges

Remind kids to be cautious of the sharp edges of the nails and avoid touching them directly. It’s best to handle the nails from the flat head to minimize the risk of accidents.

Maintain a Clean Workspace

Keep the workspace clean and tidy to prevent any unnecessary accidents. Clear away clutter and make sure there’s enough space for your child to work comfortably.

The Final Thread

String art is a wonderful and accessible DIY activity for kids that sparks their creativity and allows them to explore various designs and themes. By engaging in different types of string art projects, such as geometric designs, name or initial art, and seasonal themes, children can develop their artistic skills while having fun.

With the right materials and proper safety precautions, parents and caregivers can create a safe and enjoyable crafting experience for kids. So, encourage your little ones to dive into the world of string art and witness their imagination soar as they create beautiful and personalized masterpieces made from colored strings.

string art for kids (3)
string art gallery wall (2)

To learn more or see any of the other activity books that KLUTZ has to offer check out their site.

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Disclaimer:  This post is sponsored by Klutz.  All opinions are my own and all string art is courtesy of my daughter.

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