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Are you looking for a last minute Halloween mask or costume?  Well this kind of fits the bill.  If not, it is especially fun for kiddos year round.  I mean, what kid doesn’t love googlie eyes?  This is a simple 5 minute craft.  And you could change out the color of pony beads to match any holiday season if you want to.




Googly eye pack

Glue on bails

pony beads

ball chain


e6000 glue

1. Glue your googly eyes onto the bails. Press to get a good seal and let dry.



2.  Add your googly eyes first and then string some pony beads between them onto your ball chain.  The pony beads serve to provide a spacer between the eyes so they set on your face evenly.


halloween-google-eye-necklace halloween-eye-necklace

3.  Have your child try on the necklace.  Use scissors to cut the ball chain to the correct size.  You want them to be able to set it on top of the theirs ears and it be tight enough that it doesn’t slide down.

halloween-eye-necklace (2)

And that is it!  I was cracking up taking pictures of my kids in these things.





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