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Happy May crafters!  School get’s out today in my neck of the woods, but that doesn’t mean our writing ends there.  Oftentimes you need a spot to jot down notes, lists, phone numbers, directions, etc.  These adorable clipboards fit the bill and can be made custom for any decor or occasion.  I think they would make a great co-worker, teacher or birthday gift.long-decorative-clipboards


1/4†x 24†basswood planks

washi tape, college duck tape, wood stain

drill with tiny drill bit

3/4†– 1†wood blocks


clipboard clips



screw eyes



2 1/4†receipt paper roll

3M Command Picture Hanging Strips

1.  Decide how you want to decorate your board.  I chose stain for one, washi tape for another, and decorative University of Michigan Duck Tape for the last one.


2.  Also cut 3/4†by 3/4†squares out of scrap wood or use some wood blocks no larger than 1â€.  Stain, tape or decorate those as well.

3.  Align your clipboard clip at the top of the board making sure the hole to hang it sticks off the edge of your board.  Pre-drill your holes with a tiny drill bit.  Screw those in with 1/4†screws that you can find at your local hardware store.


4.  Next put your blocks 1†from the bottom of the board aligned with the side edges.  Pre-drill into the blocks from the back of the board.


5.  Take 1/2†screws and screw those in place from the back.


6. Pre-drill the front of the wood blocks for your screw eyes.  Twist screw eyes in place.


7.  Thread the elastic through the receipt paper. Tie elastic tight around your screws eyes.  Clip the ends with scissors.


8.  Feed your receipt paper up to the clip and clip in place.

9.  Add a pencil through the receipt paper and screw eyes.


I made one for our kitchen, one for my daughter’s room and one for my son’s room.  They are fun to write little notes on, reminders, grocery lists, etc.


You can use cup hooks to hang them but I also like to hold them in place with 3M Picture Hanging Strips.  That way they don’t move at all while you are writing.

long-clipboard (3)

My son commented right away on it, “Mom I love my Michigan clipboard!.â€

university-of-michigan-clipboard (2)

I kind of love the bright washi tape one but I decided to go subtle for the kitchen.  I placed it right as you walk into the kitchen before my new pantry cabinet.


For more cute gift ideas click on the image below…


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  1. This is so adorable and looks easy enough to make! I’m constantly leaving notes for my roommate and we never really have a good place for our groceries and literally every single week we forget something. I’m gonna take a little time and make these for us! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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