10 Best Creative Ways to GIFT Money

Giving money as a gift can be a practical and thoughtful gesture for many occasions. However, simply handing over an envelope of cash can lack a personal touch. Fortunately, there are many creative ways to give money that can make the gift more memorable and enjoyable for the recipient. From money bouquets to hidden treasure hunts, there are numerous ways to make a cash gift feel more special.

So don’t be dull and just hand out those bills or make a transfer… make it special! That smile in their face will be worth millions!

10 Best Creative Ways to GIFT Money

Let’s explore 10 unique and creative ways to give money as a gift, so you can surprise and delight your loved ones on their special occasions.

1. Money bouquet

Fold bills into flowers and arrange them into a bouquet.

2. Personalized piggy bank

Buy a plain piggy bank and decorate it with the recipient’s name or favorite designs.


3. Money cake

Fold bills and attach them to cake decorations to create a unique money cake.


4. Money puzzle

Put the cash inside a puzzle box or envelope with a puzzle on the outside that must be solved to reveal the money.

5. Money tree

Attach cash to branches of a small decorative tree to create a “money tree.”

6. Hidden money surprise

Create a scavenger hunt or treasure hunt with clues that lead to where the money is hidden.

7. Money-filled balloons

Fill balloons with cash and let the recipient pop them to find the money. Even consider to make a Balloon Garland for a bigger impact.

8. Money jar

Fill a jar with coins or cash and decorate the jar with ribbons or paint.




9. Money gift certificate

Create a gift certificate for cash with personalized text and design. Amazon has giant checks like this one which are really cool.

10. Use a prank Box

Let the surprise come first and then hide an envelope at the bottom of the box.

FAQs about Money Gifts

What is the best way to give money as a gift?

The best way to give money as a gift largely depends on the occasion, the recipient’s preferences, and your own personal style. However, there are a few general guidelines you can follow to make your gift more thoughtful and personalized:

  1. Consider the occasion: Are you giving money as a birthday gift, a wedding gift, or a graduation gift? Different occasions may call for different ways of presenting the money.
  2. Personalize the presentation: Add a personal touch to the gift by wrapping the money in a unique and creative way, or by attaching a handwritten note or card.
  3. Think about the recipient’s interests: If the recipient has a specific hobby or interest, consider giving the money in a way that relates to that interest. For example, if they love gardening, you could give them money in a plant pot or attach it to a garden tool.
  4. Be mindful of cultural traditions: In some cultures, giving money in certain denominations or in a specific way may be considered good luck or respectful. Do some research or ask someone familiar with the culture if you’re unsure.

Ultimately, the best way to give money as a gift is to make it personal, thoughtful, and tailored to the recipient’s tastes and interests.

How do you make a cold hard cash gift?

There are several ways to make a cold hard cash gift more interesting and personalized:

  1. Make it a puzzle: Create a puzzle or scavenger hunt with clues that lead to the cash gift. This adds an element of fun and surprise to the gift.
  2. Add a personal touch: Attach a handwritten note or card to the cash gift to make it more personal and thoughtful.
  3. Get creative with the presentation: Fold the bills into creative shapes or designs, such as flowers or animals, or wrap the cash in a unique way, such as in a small box or inside a picture frame.
  4. Consider the occasion: If you’re giving cash as a wedding gift, for example, you could fold the bills into origami shapes that represent love and marriage.
  5. Make it relevant to the recipient: Think about the recipient’s interests and hobbies, and try to incorporate them into the presentation. For example, if they love music, you could attach the cash to a guitar pick or music note.

Overall, the key to making a cold hard cash gift more meaningful is to add a personal touch and make it relevant to the recipient. With a little creativity and thoughtfulness, you can turn a simple cash gift into a memorable and unique present.

How to make a money roll gift?

To make a money roll gift, you’ll need bills of the same denomination, a cardboard tube, double-sided tape, and decorations. Roll the bills tightly around the tube, secure with tape, decorate the outside, and present the gift. You can customize it by using different bills, adding trinkets, or personalizing the outside.

How do you make a money tree gift?

To make a money tree gift, you’ll need a tree-shaped branch, a container, floral foam, wire, and bills. Secure the branch in the container with the floral foam, attach the bills to the branches using wire, and decorate the tree as desired. You can also add small gifts or decorations to the tree for a personal touch.

How do you put money in a balloon?

To put money in a balloon, insert the bills one at a time and fold them neatly, then inflate the balloon and tie a knot in the neck. Add a ribbon or string for decoration, and consider adding confetti or small gifts as well.

How do you wrap money ideas?

Some people may choose to wrap the money in addition to using the ideas I mentioned for a more complete presentation, while others may find that the ideas themselves provide enough of a decorative touch without the need for additional wrapping. Ultimately, it’s up to the giver to decide what presentation style they prefer based on the occasion and recipient’s preferences.

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