A group of bloggers were selected to receive a box of random (and I do mean random) craft supplies from Scribble Shop and challenged to make something with all or most of the products.   I will admit I wasn’t excited when I received my box. How on earth was I going to use all of those together?   But I never back down from a challenge! So I put my thinking cap on and came up with a few cute projects.


Supplies: glitter brads, Martha Stewart glitter, chalkboard paint, feathers, black and white charm pack, turquoise roving, brown roving.

First I sewed those black and white charm pack pieces up and added a strip of red fabric from my stash and created a giftable patchwork composition notebook cover inspired by The Pleated Poppy.


Next I took the gold felt roving and pulled it apart and wrapped it around a bar of soap.   With hot water I pressed the felt around a bar of soap, rubbing it in my hands until it was all felted.   Once dry, I tied fabric and gold satin ribbon around it for gift giving.

felted soap 4

Lastly using Mod Podge and Martha Stewart Gold Glitter I made some glittered acorn earrings.   Kinda funky I know, but some of my jewelry is kind of out there and I love the natural element of acorns with some sparkle.


So my big question is:


A big thanks to Scribble Shop for sponsoring the challenge, and you can get all of the items I used by clicking on the links in this post. Don’t forget to visit the Scribble blog for inspiration.


Disclosure: I was compensated for my time in creating these projects and also received these products free of charge to me.

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  1. well, that top piece of fabric, glitter, metallic brads, and feathers are SCREAMING Mardi Gras/theater inspired mask to me. The fabric on the notebook cover would look good as accents on a red jacket – like fabric covered buttons, inlay or trim on cuffs and collar. For the chalkboard paint you could make small protable chalkboards for the kids or make smaller ones and decorate edges (possibly with glitter or metallic brads and/or paint) and use for fridge magnets. Not sure about the roving – what is that anyway??? clicked on the link and still had no clue.

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