Have you ever wanted to take a cake decorating class?  I always see the classes offered at Joann Fabrics and think…one day I will do that.  Well now you can learn from your own home.  That is my style!  My newest sponsor, Teaching Good Things is offering one of my readers a copy of her DVD “Basic Cake Decorating.”

Click here to enter. Check out the video samples of each DVD.  She is also offering 20% off her DVD’s and E-books.  Plus free shipping and gift wrapping.  Shazzam!!!

Here’s a little bit about Kathy…

As a home educating family for over 17 years we saw the need for there to be a balance in education. There is more to education than academics. Teaching Good Things’ goal is to provide materials that teach practical skills. Our videos are simple enough for children to understand, yet detailed enough to equip an adult. Learning these skills as a family proves for a special time of bonding.

Simply learning new skills can add to the economy of home without ever earning a paycheck. Using the skills of Cake Decorating, Quilting or Crochet can add to you family’s income as you create gifts to give or items to sell.

Teaching Good Things has many free tutorials on the website along with a free 7 part e-course when you sign up for our newsletter.

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  1. Wow, thanks for the tip! I love crochet, so I'll take a look at those DVDs.
    You know, I have word verification on at Casa Haus because of spam… I know it sucks, but I find that's the only way to deal with it. Thanks for your comment!

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