Do you have gift cards that you have spent but somehow can’t part with? They are the perfect crafting material. Do you need some repurposing ideas?   Gift cards are durable and make the perfect crafting medium for all sorts of projects.   So reuse those gift cards don’t throw them away!

Greenbeans Crafterole made these adorable little notebooks out of old Starbucks gift cards.   It is the perfect size to jot down a quick note or take down someone’s contact information.

starbucks gift card notebook

Kayte Terry, contributor for Craft Sylish made this fun and funky mosaiced frame out of old gift cards.   I love this one, I think it is so fun to try and guess where the cards came from?

There is actually a product called the Pick Punch that you can use to stamp out those gift cards and make guitar picks out of them!   If you have a lot of guitar enthusiasts in your family this would be so fun to have!   And for $24.95 that is a pretty good price, I am thinking Valentine’s Day gift!   Plus you could also drill a hole in them and make a guitar pick bracelet or necklace.yhst-56194736215675_2136_452344

IMG_2845.jpg Credit Card Guitar Picks and more

Speaking of jewelry…Tricia from Oh So Crafty made this beautiful Starbucks gift card bracelet for a friends birthday. On top of making the bracelet she included a matching gift card for the friend to use to purchase a cup of Joe..   So sweet!

gift card bracelet
gift card bracelet2

Instructables shows how to recycle those gift cards into paper clips.

Do you have a reuse for old plastic gift card?   I would love to hear about it.

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  1. The bracelet is my favorite!! That is so pretty!!! 🙂 I do love me some Starbucks. 😉

  2. Ahh – so many ideas!!! Now I need to search my house for some to make into some of these ideas! Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Ok– this really lame!… A great use is as an emergency windshield scraper They do a great job getting the frost cleaned off…(pretty crafy eh?)

  4. This is one of the best posts I've seen in a while! Totally fun and such a great repurpose! Thanks for sharing!

  5. we were just talking about this last night at work! Someone said their neighbor puts magnetic tape on the back to make fridge magnets. I usually give them to my girls to play with in their purses and cash register.

  6. I am going to have to get my hubby that guitar puncher thingie! Between him and now my three year old, we go through TONS of picks!

  7. i like to use them as craft supplies like modgepodging, painting, etc. can also be handy as a small ruler if you mark on them. and for scraping paint for screenprinting small projects. and we've all seen those little hearts strung verticlly usually made of paper, these would be more durable and last longer. just use a heart shaped punch and small hole punch or drill and connect top to bottom with either jump rings or knots using bakers twine…oh the possibilities!

  8. O.K. Becky, our "Pick Punch" just came in the mail. It is so much fun, We are running around the house looking for things to punch.

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