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I really want to give the Gift of Memories this Mother’s Day! Yes, again it is right around the corner and giving handmade is always a sweet and sentimental way to show your mom you care. My mom happens to think her grandbabies are the perfect creatures of this earth so I decided to make an art piece to showcase them for her Mother’s Day gift this year. Surprise MOM!

What a better special occasion to show your gratitude and love to the woman who has been your pillar of strength throughout your life. While flowers and chocolates are always appreciated, why not give your mom a gift that will hold special memories forever?

Personalized photo gifts are a unique way to express your appreciation, and they have the power to evoke emotions and sentiment for years to come. 

The Power of Personalized Photo Gifts

Personalized photo gifts are not just any ordinary presents; they are unique and special in their own way. The beauty of personalized photo gifts lies in their power to evoke emotions and create lasting memories. The recipient is reminded of the love and bond they share with the gift giver every time they look at the photo gift.

Now that you understand the significance of personalized photo gifts, let’s explore some ideas that will make this Mother’s Day gift memorable for your mom.

How to Choose the Perfect Gift Photos

When choosing the perfect photos for your personalized photo gift, there are a few things to keep in mind. First and foremost, consider your mom’s personality and interests. If she’s a sentimental type, photos of family and cherished memories will be sure to tug at her heartstrings. If she’s a more practical person, consider photos of places she loves or activities she enjoys doing.

Another important factor to consider is the quality of the photos. If the photos are blurry, dark, or otherwise low-quality, they may not reproduce well on the gift. Make sure to choose high-resolution images that are clear, bright, and in focus.

Finally, think about the composition of the photos. While candid shots can be fun and spontaneous, carefully posed photos can be more visually appealing and better suited for certain types of gifts. 

How To Make a DIY Personalized Photo Frame for Mother’s Day

I find that this gift shows a love that will stand the test of time. Personalized photo gifts are a thoughtful way to immortalize your cherished memories and create new ones with your mom.

I attached those repositionable 3M picture hanging strips to the back of the frames so they can be removable and I can change out the pictures.

Martha Stewart Crafts Supplies:

  • Sterling Craft Paint
  • Aquarium Pearl Craft Paint
  • Arabesque Stencil set
  • Foam Roller Set
  • Stencil Spray
  • Paint Sprayer


Other Supplies:

  • Piece of wood or old picture (mine was a 24″ square)
  • Silhouette Cameo
  • Black Vinyl and transfer paper
  • Primer and foam roller
  • sandpaper
  • two old 5″ x 7″ picture frames
  • 4 sets 3M Command Picture Hanging Strips (small)

Step-By-Step Instructions

1. I had an old 24″ square art piece that I primed to cover the old picture. It was perfect because it already had the hanging hardware on the back. Once I gave the art piece three coats of primer it was finally covered.

2. I used the Martha Stewart foam roller with Aquarium Pearl paint attached to stencil onto the top of the board. The stencil I used was part of the Arabesque pack.

The key to successful stenciling is to use stencil spray to keep it in place. The foam rollers are really nice too because they make even coverage simple.


3. I tried to work quickly and move the stencil fast because rerolling over the paint made it darker in some spots. So even though it wasn’t dry I just positioned it in place and rolled away (pressing the stencil down with some wax paper so it stuck in place).

4. After all the paint dried I sanded the entire piece with 100 grit sandpaper to soften the edges a bit.


5. Next using the Martha Stewart paint sprayer I mixed the sprayer medium with the Sterling craft paint and painted my cheap-o frames I had in my stash.


6. Next I designed the words “Some of my greatest blessings call me Beau-Nonni” in the Silhouette Studio program using Lobster Two font.

The reason my kids call her Beau-Nonni is a long story, perfect for another post. Then I cut out some black vinyl and adhered it to my board.


7. I adhered the 3M Picture Hanging Strips to the back of my frames and pressed them in place making sure they were evenly spaced.

Then I added my pictures to the frames.


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  1. Love this Beckie! I actually LOVE how the blue stenciled paint is somewhat uneven–gives it a unique and different look. I want to make something like this too!

  2. This is such a beautiful gift. Any mother or grandmother would love to have one. I love how you softened it a bit with sandpaper. Just beautiful!

  3. I love the uneven effect of the paint! I was immediately trying to figure out how you achieved that. Nicely done.

  4. Beckie, what a super duper gorgeous project and gift for your mom. I love how you’ll be able to change the pics as often as you like, so the frame will always be current.
    I also love how you still wear your Liberty tee. I would wear my Oral Roberts one, except it shrunk on me (I say that because it certainly is not that I grew!!!!).
    Love you to pieces!!! Keep up the stellar job you always do!

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