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Are you looking to attract more wealth and abundance into your life? If so, then the Feng Shui wealth vase may be just what you need! This ancient Chinese practice involves filling a container with various trinkets and items of symbolic meaning. The idea is that when it’s placed in your home, the energy surrounding it will draw in prosperity and success.

Read on to learn more about this fascinating tool for manifesting a wealthier life – its true meaning, the surprising benefits it offers, as well as how to create one yourself at home.

Attracting wealth

What Is Feng Shui Wealth Vase

Feng Shui Wealth Vase is an ancient Chinese tool used to create abundance and prosperity. It is believed that placing the vase in your home or workspace will attract good luck, fortune, wealth, and success into your life.

The traditional design consists of a pottery or ceramic container filled with coins and colorful items such as shells, stones, ribbons, and other small objects. When placed in the northeastern part of a room and regularly activated with intention through visualization and affirmations, this powerful object works to promote financial stability.

It is believed to bring luck, energize change for personal benefit and raise vibrations of joy and peace in any space it occupies.

Wealth and happiness

What Goes In A Feng Shui Wealth Vase

The primary components that make up a traditional Feng Shui Wealth Vase are five coins, crumbled Chinese currency (or triangular folded gold/silver paper), small stones or pebbles, and a Chinese ingot. Each of these items has been carefully chosen to represent the prosperity and abundance associated with this ancient practice.

The Coins: Coins are used to attract wealth energy by representing wealth circulation. Five coins that are all the same size and type should be used for the best effect. These coins should be made out of copper, brass, silver, or gold, but copper is most common as it represents earth energy.

Crumbled Chinese Currency (or Triangular Folded Gold/Silver Paper): This element helps to increase cash flow as it is representative of money energy being continuously replenished in your space. Crumbling the paper helps to further signify an abundance of money and fortune entering your life from multiple directions. 

Small Stones or Pebbles: Stones represent stability while pebbles represent flexibility; together, they act as a reminder that we need both in order to succeed financially in life. They also serve to keep wealth energies grounded within our homes and offices so that positive effects can take place over time rather than quickly dissipating away like smoke into thin air. 

Chinese Ingot: The most important ingredient is the Chinese ingot because it signifies power, wisdom, and authority, which help us manifest what we desire in matters concerning money.

Traditional Chinese Ingot


Rice: Rice is a symbol of abundance. It also serves to attract wealth and good luck into your home while helping you maintain existing wealth.

Dried Red Dates: Dates are symbols of long life as well as fertility and prosperity because they thrive in difficult conditions. They also can be used to promote the longevity of relationships within households and businesses alike.

Purpose Of Feng Shui Wealth Vase

It is believed that using a Feng Shui Wealth Vase will help to attract positive energy flow into your home or workplace, allowing for a greater sense of peace and balance in your life. The vase also helps to increase one’s ability to attain their goals, as well as helping to remove any obstacles that could be preventing one from reaching success. 

Feng Shui Wealth Vases are filled with various items, such as coins, jewels, stones, and other symbols of fortune. These items are believed to bring good luck, abundance, and happiness when placed inside the vase.

Traditional Chinese items

Additionally, some people add fragrant oils or candles around the vase to create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility in their space. Having the right placement of the vase is also important; it should be placed in an area that receives natural sunlight during the day, as this helps activate its power even further. 

How To Make Feng Shui Wealth Vase

Supplies Needed: 

  • -A glass or ceramic vase 
  • -Coins (of any denomination) 
  • -Fake/real gemstones or crystals (based on your choice)
  • -Citrine chips, geodes, and/or jade pieces as needed 
  • -Sea salt 
  • -Ground ginger or cinnamon powder 
  • -Lucky bamboo sticks (optional) 
  • -Essential oil (optional)  


1. Begin by filling your vase with coins that are of various denominations. This represents material wealth and abundance. You may choose to use coins from different countries or currencies if desired.  

2. Next, add the gemstones or crystals in the vase on top of the coins for energetic protection for your finances and investments.  

3. For extra protection against misfortune, add citrine chips, geodes, and/or jade pieces into the vase as well. Citrine is known to attract wealth, while jade provides stability in financial matters.  

4. To bring more luck into any money situation, adding a pinch of sea salt has been known to be beneficial according to Feng Shui principles; sprinkle it lightly over the contents of your vase.  

5. Ground ginger or cinnamon powder can then be sprinkled over the contents of your vase for even more luck with money opportunities coming your way! These spices are said to bring prosperity when used together in Feng Shui practices.  

6. Continue adding lucky charms such as lucky bamboo sticks for further enhancement of luck with finances (optional).  

7. The last step would be to fill the remaining space inside your vase with essential oils such as Sandalwood, which is believed to bless wealth when used in Feng Shui remedies (optional).  

Once all these steps have been completed, you will have created an energized Feng Shui wealth vase! Place this near a cash register or entranceway at home/business to draw good financial fortune into your life!

Where To Place Feng Shui Wealth Vase

Dining Room: The dining room can be another great location for a wealth vase as it’s ideally situated where family members gather to share meals, conversation, and quality time together. This location also helps promote feelings of connection and unity among family members.

Home Office: Placing a wealth vase in your home office is helpful if you work from home or manage finances from this area. This can help strengthen your financial decisions and attract wealth into your life. It should be placed towards the back of the office space near an expansive wall or desk area. 

Bedroom: The bedroom is an ideal place for a wealth vase because the energy of the room encourages feelings of security, comfort, and abundance. The wealth vase should be placed on either side of the bed or in the corner near your nightstand.

Foyer/Entryway: Placing a wealth vase in an entryway is beneficial as this is typically one of the first spaces people enter upon entering your home – they are “greeted” by its presence immediately. It will bring prosperity, luck, and good fortune each time someone enters your home through this entrance.  

Places to Avoid Placing a Wealth Vase: 

Toilet/Restroom: It’s best to avoid placing a wealth vase in any restroom or toilet as these areas are associated with cleansing energies that would disrupt the purpose of bringing positive energy for abundance into these areas instead.  

Kitchen: It may seem like an ideal place due to thinking that more resources available in terms of food and nourishment would equate to more “wealth,” but it’s actually not recommended. These areas are often bustling with activities that don’t create an environment conducive to relaxation. This can interfere with positive energy flow needed for prosperity and success. 

Nursery/Children’s Rooms: While it may seem like adding some extra “luck” into children’s rooms could be beneficial, it is not recommended. Children need their own independent energy flow for development, which would be disrupted if too many external influences are present.

How To Use Feng Shui Wealth Vase For Wealth & Prosperity

There’s a specific approach to using the Feng Shui wealth vase to maximize its power and attract energy as much as possible.

Here are a few tips for using it rightly.

• Place the vase in a low, unobtrusive area of the home, such as a corner or on a chest. The vase should not be in an area that gets too much foot traffic or is highly visible.

• Fill the vase with fresh water and place coins inside it. It is best to use real, lucky coins; however, you can also use other objects that represent wealth and abundance, such as jewelry, gemstones, crystals, or figurines of gods and goddesses. Coins are said to have luck-bringing powers and will bring wealth when placed in the vase.

• Place the vase in front of a window that faces outwards towards wealth-bringing directions such as North (Wealth) or South (Fame). This will be beneficial for attracting positive energy into your home and drawing more wealth into your life. 

• Cleanse the vase regularly with incense smoke so it can keep absorbing positive vibes from its surroundings. Smudging sage is also an effective way to clear away any negative energy surrounding the vase. It will ensure clean intentions are set before filling it again with fresh water and coins. 

• For even more powerful results, activate the power of affirmations while filling up your wealth vase with coins. Speak out loud affirmations such as “I am abundant” or “I attract prosperity” while placing objects inside it. This will help reinforce these messages within your subconscious mind. 

• Regularly visualize yourself achieving abundance while keeping an eye on the vase’s progress. Count how many coins have been added over time.

Final Thoughts

After learning about the meaning, benefits, and steps to create a Feng Shui Wealth Vase, you should feel empowered and relaxed.

Know that this symbol of peace has the potential to bring prosperity and positivity into your life. 

Not only is it a unique traditional Chinese practice, but it’s also practical and easy to make. If you’re looking for an activity that can help you chill out during those free days, don’t hesitate!

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