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You have probably witnessed a child excitedly open up a gift to just spend more time playing with the packaging than the dream toy inside. This shows that children are simple creatures. They don’t need mounds of toys that light up, play music, and move around all at the same time to be entertained. So save yourself a trip to Toys R Us and try creating some of these homemade gifts that are sure to please. Make a bunch in advance, and you’ll be set on birthday gifts for months. Today’s post features five fun kids birthday gift ideas.

1. Magnetic Fishing Game

Beth from Home Stories A to Z suggested her seamstress sister make a magnetic fishing game as a birthday gift for one of her nephews. The game includes a bucketful of colorful fabric fish, monogrammed pail, and fishing pole. Beth’s boys right quickly spent hours playing with this homemade gift and gave it their “very-picky-ADHD-seal-of-approval.” (Love that!) Smile

Magnetic Fishing Game

2. I Spy Book

This project is one that your children will enjoy getting in on the action. MaryLea from Pink and Green Mama created an I Spy book with her daughter’s help by taking color-themed pictures of toy piles. They printed out the pictures as 8x10s and placed them in a binder opposite the list of items to “spy.” Once created, this would be an easy gift idea to make on the fly. Simply print the pages, insert into sheet protectors, and place in a binder!

I Spy Book

3. Old MacDonald Hand Puppets

These hand puppets made by Larissa from Just Another Day In Paradise would provide hours of imaginative play for little actors and actresses in the making. Larissa’s puppets are so stinkin’ adorable, and she kindly offers readers a great tutorial with patterns. I love all the details she took the extra time to include.

Old MacDonald Puppets

4. Foaming Monster Puke Bubble Bath

Tiffany from Art Food AND Motherhood made a batch of foaming monster puke bubble bath when her daughter wanted to create a unique gift for a friend’s birthday. The recipe uses mostly natural ingredients and makes a lovely bubbling green concoction that most little boys (and girls too) would appreciate. At least you’ll know no one else will bring the same gift!

Monster Puke Bubble Bath

5. Custom Beanbags

Last year I shared a no-fail recipe for printing images on fabric that doesn’t require purchasing any expensive fabric printer sheets or soaking solution. Using this recipe, I created photo beanbags which make simple, inexpensive gifts. Kids love seeing pictures of themselves and the uses of beanbags are pretty endless (i.e. juggling, tossing in a bucket, playing Simon Says).

Custom Beanbags

How do you feel about giving and receiving homemade gifts?

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  1. I’ve been running out of birthday gift ideas for my nieces, thanks a lot for the suggestion! The magnetic fishing game is very cute. Haha I laughed when I saw the green bubble bath, that sure is unique and different.

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