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If you missed Part 1 of my story about the La-Z-Boy Design Dash click here to begin reading.  So it is now Thursday morning, the day we get to design a room around the La-Z-Boy sofa we customized at home.  Each of the bloggers bay looked a little different.  Some had brick, windows or doors in it.  Mine was one of the larger and wider rooms with two French doors in it and a white planked floor.  I arrive to my bay to see a director’s chair with my name on it, my sofa and painted walls.  Eeeeeeek!  Talk about slightly intimidating.


Usually my rooms are collected and designed over time.  Not in a 24 hour time period.  However, having an entire showroom of furniture and decor items and not having to worry about budget constraints – I CAN DO THIS!  Dreamland right? Yes indeed!

So there is just a huge ‘ole pile of all the stuff I tagged from the night before.  Tia and I start pulling the big pieces in like our Gray Dolce Chair and a half and the tropical print Avenue chair (both of those pieces are from the new Urban Attitudes Collection).  Unfortunately one of our rugs didn’t make it to the studio.  After fretting about that for an hour and half and looking all over the studio to see if it got misplaced, we finally decided to roll with it.

Honestly the room came together pretty well.  Tia would have an idea and I would say “Yes that is perfect.”  Then I would put something in place and she would say, “I love it.”

The part that was driving us crazy was the right corner and wall.  About 6 hours into it I finally said, “I don’t like what we have going on over here.”  Originally we had a leaning shelf and it just wanted jiving for me.  I felt like it was just a bunch of stuff in the corner.  I am not a “stuff” kinda girl.  I don’t do chotchkes.  So one of the Kreber designers asked if we wanted a fly wall.  I had no idea what a fly wall was but I totally played it off like I did so it didn’t appear amateur hour.  HA!

GOODNIGHT! It was a huge backroom full of walls, arches, doors, and all other sorts of columns and architecture for rooms.  So we chose a pallet ombre wall with hues of blue and decided to bring a staircase in.  The room was just so wide that we needed to add a little architecture.  Once we got those two aspects in place it all came together.


Meanwhile the studio dudes (not sure their official titles – but they ROCKED!), helped hang the art and the lanterns and nailed the plank wall in place.  I fell in love with this bird art and circle art piece.  (Yes they are two pieces we layered to create one wall statement). We kept calling it the “bird’s nest.”  It really helped tie all the colors together in the room.


And my absolute favorite piece in the entire room was this “abc chest”.  All the sections and drawers are removable, except for the bottom, and I just thought it was darling. I kept thinking how perfect it would be for hiding toys, mail, and the never ending pile of junk that is accumulated in my house.

Literally everything in the room is from the La-Z-Boy show floor (which means it can be purchased at one of their stores) except the amethyst on the table, the vintage door and the books used for styling.  I was shocked at how many choices La-Z-Boy had that fit my design style.

So are you ready to see my room reveal???


It is like I am 16 waiting to walk down the stairs in my teal sequined prom dress….

BEckie 004

Dang my prom dress totally rock in this room huh?

Deep breath….here you go!!



– and I ain’t talking about the redhead on the sofa! BWAHAHAHA!


I need to get my hands on those apothecary lamps.  I have no idea how much they cost but doesn’t the wheatgrass and the orchids underneath it look like a work of art?


I love the texture of the rug with the jute side table.  Then we have burlap lampshades and knubby blankets.  I love the teal with the plum.  I love how the ombre wall makes the room look vintage but the sofa is so modern.  I love, love, love my room!

And those hanging lanterns really helped fill in that awkward corner that was driving us crazy.




And let’s remember what we had to begin with…hello beautiful Demi sofa.


So what do you think?  Do you love it or hate it?  Too much color for you?  If you could have one item out of this room what would you choose?

La-Z-Boy is launching a contest for all ten of the rooms.  Each person who votes is entered to win a $10,000 shopping spree to La-Z-Boy.  I would love it to be one of my readers! Cast your vote.  Plus you can watch a video of me talking about my room.


Thanks for those of you patient enough to read through my story and relish every moment like you were there with me! I am always so hesitant to share when I get opportunities like this because I don’t want to appear like “I am so awesome, look what I got to do and you didn’t…blah blah blah blah!”  But it was a very cool opportunity that I am over-the-top grateful I got to experience it and I wanted to share it with ya’ll.

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  1. I am so excited and happy for you! We would say in our house “She thinks she’s so cool!” You made the couch work so well!!! I love the room and it definately speaks to your style and love for color. You have these teal colors in your craft room, yes? I would have gone totally natural with hits of color. So different…we all have our own style. You really pulled in some great pieces (floral chair and bird art) to make that couch rock in the room. Congrats Beckie!! So glad you got to have this awesome experience–who knew they did things like this!

  2. You are so right – we do all have our own styles. How boring if we were all the same, right? I have teal in my craft room and aqua downstairs in my family room. I love that color, which is probably what drew me to this sofa.

  3. Beckie! Your room is GORGEOUS!! I love the fresh colors and whimsical touches and how it still feels chic and fabulous!! Congratulations on creating such a beautiful space and having a total blast in the process!!!! HOORAY!!! Big Hugs!!!

  4. Just send me the whole room! I love it. It is totally cool–everything. Your style rocks!

  5. Your room is beautiful! I must admit that the sofa, by itself in an empty room, did seem a bit overwhelming. But your room is beautiful!!! I love the hanging lanterns. Love.

  6. Thanks. JoEllen. I’m really happy with how it came together. I guess it just shows how all the pieces come together in design.

  7. The room looks wonderful! I really love all the color and patterns against the neutral background.

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