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The big project I did this past year was converting an 11’ x 11’ oversized guest bathroom into a smaller bathroom and a third floor laundry room.  I can’t tell you how completely heavenly having the laundry facilities on the third floor has been.  It was about 95% done but I felt like it wasn’t quite completely finished.  I wanted to add some sort of backsplash and color above the sink area.  I was considering stainless steel tiles when I was in Jo-Ann one day and noticed a new product called Peel & Impress Adhesive Tiles.  They didn’t have a huge selection but they did carry a stainless looking subway pattern that I thought would be perfect to pick up on the silver knobs and accents I already had in place.

faux stainless backsplash

I will say for this project this product was perfect.  I don’t know if I would consider it for a large area simply because you have to be able to place them perfectly straight.  I would think adjusting one tile would be easier than trying to get an 11.25†x 10†sticky piece lined up perfectly.  However the install of this might push me over the edge to do it in a kitchen or bath simply because there is no saw, dust or grout required.  I literally had this project done in 30 minutes.


Tape measure

Peel & Impressive Adhesive Tiles

Straight Edge (I used a quilting ruler)

Utility Knife


Optional: Self healing mat 



1.  Start by measuring your area.  Mine was 46†wide x 23†tall so I needed 3 packages of tiles for this project.

2.  Next using a straight edge and a utility knife straighten up your first piece.


3.  Next peel the backing off and adhere to the wall.


4.  Continue peeling and sticking until you get to the edge of your wall making sure to run a level along the top of it to make sure it is straight. Also measure twice and cut your tiles once.  It cuts very easily with a new utility knife blade.  Also another HUGE BENEFIT to these tiles is if your walls aren’t perfectly straight (which mine weren’t) it is really easy to cut the tiles on a little bit of an angle to get the wall edge cut perfect.  To do that with regular tiles takes a lot more finessing.


5.  Once the tiles are in place you can use a brayer to roll the tiles in place to get a nice seal.


6.  Once you are done caulk all the edges.  I like using a caulk that goes on white and dries clear so you can see that you sealed it well.

peel-and-stick-backsplash (2)

7.  I hung a sign up just with nails.  You can literally nail and screw right into these tiles.  Again another huge benefit!


Doesn’t it look like real stainless steel tiles?


I added a sign to bring the aqua color to that side of the room to pick up on the other accents I had in the space.  I will show you how I did that tomorrow.


To see more of my laundry room projects click on the image below to be taken directly to the post:


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