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My daughter loves wearing skirts, especially in the summer with flip flops.  These bandana skirts scream summer and can be whipped up in less than 30 minutes.  You can make these easily with one bandana for up to a size 6. My daughter wears a size 5 so I will be giving instructions based on that.  However, this is such a simple sewing project that it is so easy to adjust the measurements for a different size.

bandana skirts



4” width of cotton Fabric

1” elastic

sewing machine and thread

rotary cutter and cutting mat

quilting ruler

safety pin

1.  Cut your bandana in half lengthwise.

bandana skirt tutorial

2.  Then cut the edges of the bandana about 1” from the pattern of the bandana on each side.  It makes the bandana about 18 3/4” wide.

child bandana skirt

3.  The top of your skirt will be the part you did not cut that has the seamed edge.

4.  Next cut 2 pieces of cotton fabric to match your bandana. My daughter wears a size 5 so I cut the fabric 4” wide.  You can cut more or less depending on the size of your child.

5.  Press the long edge of the fabric under 1/4” and then press again 1/4” and sew.  This will be the bottom edge of your skirt.

DIY bandana skirt tutorial

6.  Next with right sides together sew the bandana and the fabric band together.  Trim off excess after it is sewn.


7.  With right sides together match the sides of the bandana together.  Sew and then press.

purple bandana skirt

8.  Next make a casing for your elastic.  Since the top edge is already sewn press the top edge under 1 1/2” and sew all around leaving a 3” opening to add the 1” elastic.

bandana skirt with patterned edge

9.  Measure your child’s waist and subtract 1”.  Cut your elastic to that size.  With a safety pin thread the elastic through the casing.


10.  Sew the elastic together.  Then sew the opening shut.  Press the entire skirt and you are done.

So bright, colorful and comfortable in the summer since the fabric is lightweight.


pastel-bandana skirt

I used this same tutorial to make a standard red bandana skirt for Kayla for the “Fathers and Fillies” father daughter dance this year.


For more simple skirt ideas click on the pictures below to be taken to the tutorial.

upcycled knit tshirt skirts
vintage sheeet skirt

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