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Graduation parties are in full swing.  I had one this past weekend! What does a grad want more than money?  Okay well maybe college scholarships, a six figure job or a spouse.  But since most of us can’t give them that we usually give them a cash gift to help them purchase needed thing for this next stage of life.  Well here is a cute way to give cash, as well as a little chocolate fix.  Money and chocolate?!? My favorite.creative way to give money to a graduate



Cardstock or Scrapbook paper



paper trimmer

embroidery floss


double sided tape (this is my fave but kinda pricey)

optional: 1/16†hole punch

washi tape and tooth pick

1.  Wrap the cash around the Rolos and then adhere a small piece of tape to hold it in place.  I usually stick the tape to my skin and few times so it isn’t overly sticky.  You don’t want ripped dolla dolla bills yo.

rolo candy gift

rolo money gift

2.  Next cut a piece of paper or cardstock 4 1/2†x 3 1/2â€. Wrap that around the Rolos securing well with double sided adhesive.

way to give a graduate money

3.  Tie ribbon around the center of the Rolos.

creative money giving for a grad

4.  Then cut two pieces of black cardstock one at 2†x 2†and the other at 3 1/2†x 1â€.

giving money to a graduate

5.  On the 3 1/2†x 1 piece make cuts every 1/4†or so about 1/4†up. Glue both the cut edge and the opposite edge. Wrap that around the rolo top and secure with double sided adhesive.  Bend the 1/4†flap back to secure the top of the cap on.

gifting money to a grad

grad gift

6.  On the 2†x 2†piece punch a small hole in the middle.

creative money gift

7.  To make the tassel wrap embroidery floss around your fingers 8 times.  Remove and tie a knot through the loops with another piece of floss (leave plenty of string to tuck into the cap).  Take another piece of floss and then tie them together a little under the knot.  lastly, trim the loops and then trim so they are all the same length.


8.  Insert top of tassel into the hole on the graduation cap using a sharp object to help aid it through the hole. Tie a knot so it doesn’t come loose. Stick a small brad through that and secure in place.

 gifting money to the graduate

graduation gift of money

graduation cap money gift

9.  Attach top of the cap.graduation cap money gift

10.  Optional: Make a cute tag with washi tape and a tooth pick.  Sign the tag and stick it in the ribbon.

money gift for grads

grad gift

OMG! Cuteness overload!

gift for the graduate

high school graduation gift

rolo high school grad money gift

For other paper crafts click the picture below…


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