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Jen from JenniferRizzo.com formed this fun collaboration with a bunch of creative bloggers where we each sent and received a fun thrifted or found object in our home to another blogger.  Then we had to take that received thrifted item and add it to our decor.

21 bloggers mailed each other thrift store stuff then had to use them!

Some of my favorite girls, The East Coast Creative girls had me and they sent me this whatchamacallit…what on earth would you do with it?  I think it is a cross between a growler and a planter.

gowler planter

Naturally I first thought of putting some succulents in it.  However, I kill indoor plants easily and I always jump to function before form when I tackle a project. I could really could use something to hold some sewing supplies on my sewing desk in my studio.

Armed with some spray primer and Krylon Looking Glass spray paint I gave it a quick makeover.

primed growler

krylon looking glass spray paint

I added some gravel to the bottom to keep everything in place and added my supplies.

gravel in growler

growler to organize

This just goes to show how easy it is to find something ugly at your thrift store and transform it into something functional for your home with spray paint.

growler container

Never underestimate the power of spray paint.  It can take an ugly ceramic whatchamacallit and turn it in beauty and function in your home.

sewing desk organization

Next up on the tour de thrifted items is Mary from At Home By the Bay.  I sent her some of the Jack Daniels bottles that I found on a run a couple of years back.  I used them to make some Christmas joy vases.  Let’s she what she did with them…

Hop on over to At Home By the Bay

jack daniels bottles

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  1. I think it’s perfect for the space and I love a good spray paint project! Thanks for joining in the the party!

  2. That is the coolest makever I have ever seen! I would have never thought to use it like you did!

  3. This is awesome Beckie! Totally unexpected and a great use for it! xoxo Melissa

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