Valentine’s Day Trio of Mini Ruffle Wreaths

Back in November, I made these adorable little mini ruffled wreaths.  I absolutely have fallen in love with them.  I love the texture it added to the chalkboard that I update with a new message for each holiday or event.  I decided to make a Valentine’s Day trio of the mini ruffle wreaths with scraps of pink, red and white fabric in my stash.

Valentine Trio Ruffle Wreaths
This project is a great fabric stash buster. The fact that I bought a Sizzix Vagabond machine makes this project a piece of cake.  Having to cut out all those circles by hand would take forever.

ruffle wreaths

Click here for the full tutorial on how I did it.  So simple.  I am guessing maybe you could get the same result from squares of fabric, which would be way easier to cut if you don’t have a die cutting machine.

valentine's day fabric wreath

I am already wanting to make some green ones for St. Patty’s Day.  Yikes, does that make me addicted to ruffle wreaths?

mini ruffle fabric wreaths

And here is my hand-drawn Valentine’s Day message below…

valentine's day chalk art

It makes me smile when I walk past it…and I sing a little Randy Travis along with it…in my head…not out loud.  No one should be subjected to that.  Believe you me!

circle ruffle wreaths



Wishing you and your family a Happy Valentine’s Day!