Valentine’s Day Trio of Mini Ruffle Wreaths

Back in November I made these adorable little mini ruffled wreaths.  I absolutely have fallen in love with them.  I love the texture it added to the chalkboard that I update with a new message for each holiday or event.  I decided to make a Valentine’s Day trio of the mini ruffle wreaths with scraps of pink, red and white fabric in my stash.

mini ruffle wreaths

This project is a great fabric stash buster. The fact that I bought a Sizzix Vagabond machine makes this project a piece of cake.  Having to cut out all those circles by hand would take forever.

ruffle wreaths

Click here for the full tutorial on how I did it.  So simple.  I am guessing maybe you could get the same result from squares of fabric, which would be way easier to cut if you don’t have a die cutting machine.

valentine's day fabric wreath

I am already wanting to make some green ones for St. Patty’s Day.  Yikes, does that make me addicted to ruffle wreaths?

mini ruffle fabric wreaths

And here is my hand drawn Valentine’s Day message below…

valentine's day chalk art

It makes me smile when I walk past it…and I sing a little Randy Travis along with it…in my head…not out loud.  No one should be subjected to that.  Believeyoume!

circle ruffle wreaths

This little space has changed with a new piece of furniture too.  This fabulous ABC chest that was given to me by La-Z-Boy (as a thank-you for attending the La-Z-Boy design dash)…and most definitely the most expensive piece of furniture in my home.  I kinda feel guilty about it. But isn’t it absolutely amazing?

I still need to decorate it fully but for now I am enjoying its functionalness (yep not a word!) with all its cute little drawers.


You might remember it from the room I designed for the LZB Design Dash back in October.  So get this…at the end of the event they say “Each of you can pick out one piece from your room to keep.”  I about peed my pants right there.  I know, I know – I passed up the beautiful teal couch.  I just felt like this piece was classic and could evolve with my style a little better.  If you had to pick one thing out of the room below what would you have picked?


birds nest art

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  1. kristin marvin says:

    Yes, you are addicted to ruffle wreaths. 🙂 I would have also chosen the piece you did…and about pee my pants! I like the size and the functionality (that IS a word isn’t it?) and the fact that if you ever get tired of the letters you could have such fun painting this piece and it will always look great. Oh, and I loved reading about your partnership with LZB, your approach in asking THEM the questions, and not flip-flopping later. You are a savvy business woman and a thinker!

    • Thanks, Kristin! I am loving my cute little ruffle wreaths and gorgeous new chest. My space was crying out for some wood tones, and I love all the character this piece has to offer.

  2. Those little wreaths are just the sweetest! And what an awesome piece of furniture… I totally LOVE it!

  3. CraftsnCoffee says:

    These are so pretty! I love your fabrics. Sharing!

  4. Melissa Skidmore says:

    The wreath are so cute! And the piece of furniture is amazing! I think I would have gone with the same piece you did…but, I would have thought long and hard about that teal piece in the back corner! Beautiful room! Life to the full! Melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle

    • I have a lot of painted pieces in my living room already, so the beautiful wood finish won out. However, I am not sure you can ever go wrong with teal! 😉

  5. Deborah Bolton says:

    Love the wreaths. I can see them hung other places as well..

  6. TravelGenee says:

    Hi, follow you on feedly and love your projects. In the images there is a picture of birds. Was this a project? I cannot remember seeing it as one but thought I would ask. Thanks fran.

  7. how much fabric total did you use for the three little wreaths?

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