Bird Seed Wreath

Spring isn’t quite here but I am certainly ready for it! I have faith that only a couple of more weeks and Spring will be here to stay. I can’t wait to see my first daffodil blooming and my homemade birdseed wreath hanging!

Making a birdseed wreath is a fun, classic way to welcome in Spring. Enlist your kids to help with this super simple recipe.

These would make great hostess or housewarming gifts. To pretty them up, you could use the bundt pans with fancier designs or add a fancier ribbon. Either way, the birds will love you!

Brid Seed Wreath

Why making a birdseed wreath?

They are a great way to attract a variety of birds to your backyard and can also be a fun project to do with kids or as a group activity. Making a birdseed wreath is a simple process that involves pressing a mixture of birdseed and a binding agent, such as flour or suet, into a wreath shape.

The wreath can then be hung outside for birds to enjoy. Some people also like to decorate their wreaths with colorful ribbons or other decorations to make them more attractive.

Bird Seed Wreath Ingredients:

How To Make the BirdSeed Wreath

1.  Spray your bundt pan with nonstick spray.

2.  Mix your Knox gelatin with 1/2 cup of warm water, whisk until mixed.   Then whisk in the flour and corn syrup.


3.  Add your bird seed and stir coating the seed well with a wooden spoon. Then pour it into your greased bundt pan.



4. Next press it tightly with the back of a wooden spoon into the bundt pan.

Use wet hands to press it more if you need to. Let it dry overnight.



5. Once completely hardened overnight it will come right out of your pan.

6.  I used some drop cloth fabric strips ripping it to tie a ribbon around it and add a bow.

Hang it in an area that won’t be exposed to the rain.



How long do bird seed wreaths last?

Bird seed wreaths can last for a long time if they are stored properly. To extend the shelf life of your bird seed wreath, keep it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

You can also store it in the refrigerator or freezer to help preserve it. If the wreath becomes moldy or spoiled, it should be discarded.

Can you leave bird seed out in the rain?

It is generally not a good idea to leave bird seed out in the rain because wet birdseed can become moldy and spoiled, which can be harmful to the birds that eat it.

Wet birdseed could also attract pests such as rats and mice. If you want to feed the birds during wet weather, you can use a bird feeder that is designed to keep the seed dry. These feeders typically have a roof or other covering to protect the seed from the rain.

I prefer to bring the birdseed inside when it is raining and set it out again when the weather improves.

Here are few other recipes to try:

Martha Stewart

Dereila Nature Inn

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  1. What a fun project to do with the kids! It’d be a squirrel & chipmunk wreath at our house, but still fun for the kids to watch. Thanks for sharing.

  2. If you have trees close to each other….put a small nail with a head 1/2 way into the tree and another one into the next tree. Wrap one end of wire (can be found at any home store) several times around the nail then pound in. Pull the wire taunt and wrap around the nail in the other tree. Pound that nail into the tree (doing this will tighten the wire as well). You can then place an S hook on the wire and hang your wreath or bird feeder. This works…we have tons on squirrels and they cannot get to the feeder because they cannot get on the wire. Squirrels are very smart but they can’t chew the ends of the wire either to drop the feeder.

  3. Such a simple and cute idea that I can do with the kids. I am going to be putting this on my to do list die spring break. And I SO want to make that welcome mat, too. I fell in love with it as soon as I received the magazine.

  4. I have a question, can this be made without corn syrup? I am not a fan of it and not sure it is good for the birds. Especially since they are now attributing corn syrup as a problem for human consumption.

  5. I think it would be fun to make small ones using day old bagels and maybe smearing with peanutbutter and then coating with bird seeds…

  6. How do the bird feeder wreaths hold up in the rain? I would hate to give them out as gifts and they fall apart in the rain.

  7. Yes there are lots of recipes that just use the gelatin. Just google it and you will find tons of recipes with all sorts of ingredients.

  8. I love this idea. I have allot of bird feeders in my backyard and enjoy watcing the multitude of different tuype birds. I also have squirrels!!! Thank you to Ceci for the wire information. Have looked a solution to my squirrel problem. First one I have found that really works. Last year I used Vaseline on the poles, but I had to redo the poles about ever 3-4 days!
    Love your blog too!!! Found it on Pinterest.

  9. Hey,

    I was wondering about the ingredients. With the Knox Gelatin, how much is a “package?” Is it 1 envelope, or 4 envelopes, or more? I tried this, and mine fell apart into four pieces. I’m thinking I did something wrong. . .How long do you let it sit in the pan for?



  10. This looks great! I’ve wanted to make one of these after I saw it on the Martha Stewart show, I love yours!!!! Thanks for posting a tutorial on how to make one!

  11. I absolutely love this idea. The bow really adds a special touch to a traditional project giving it a whole new life….lovely!

  12. I love this idea, what a fantastic way to bring a new spin on spring. I would love if you would like up this project on Wed at our WOW Us link party:

  13. I was so excited to make this tonight. I can’t wait to hang it up for all the birds in my backyard tomorrow! I have enough ingredients to make several more throughout the spring! Thanks for such a fun idea! I just love your blog, especially your “roadkill rescue.”

  14. nice idea – I had never heard of using gelatin in this manner, easier to work with than lard, I should think!

  15. Yay! i am glad you liked it Phaedra. One pack of birdseed makes a lot of wreaths, makes great gifts too. Have fun!

  16. Okay. That’s where I messed up. Thanks, Miss Beckie! 🙂 Totally ready to try it again.

  17. Ok, I don’t want to sound stupid but what is Knox gelatin? I’ve never heard of it. Is it like Jello gelatin? I have eery other ingrediant but that. Thanks.

  18. Love this idea soooo much that I ra out and got all the materials, but didn’t have the patience to wait long enough for it to dry…round 2…lol

  19. I made this wreath and it is so cute! Thanks for the idea!
    I do have a question, though… None of the birds in the area will eat it. They eat the same seed I have in my feeder, but they haven’t tried the wreath, yet. Did it take a while for your birds to take a bite? Just wondering if anyone else is having the same problem I am. Maybe it takes the birds a while to figure it out. Anyways, I will be making another one in the morning for a gift for my cousin who is hosting us for Easter dinner on Sunday. 🙂

  20. Thanks! I saw one flying around it last evening. He wasn’t sure what to do, yet. 🙂

  21. Well., I made this wreath today after the kids found all of their Easter eggs and the roast was already in the oven. This was super easy to make and I hope to see some birds on mine. I haven’t decided yet where to hang it.

  22. Ours fell apart in the rain yesterday… It was fun, though, watching the birds eat it! I will probably make another one and hang it under the tree to see if it will last longer there. 🙂

  23. Just made a wreath yesterday! It was so easy and literally took 5 minutes. Turned out of pan with no problem and is adorable. It will be interesting to see how long it lasts between my birds and squirrels. I can’ t wait to make smaller versions for my bird-loving-friends!!!
    LOVE IT!!!!

  24. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing this great idea. I would like to share with you another hint I found on the web regarding squirrels. Mix red pepper flakes, ground cayenne pepper, chili powder, etc. in with the birdseed. The squirrels do not like hot spice.

  25. I got this recipe from a bird magazine and it is one of the better ones I’ve tried. With the Geliten and Corn Syrup it really holds it together nicely, but you do need to keep it out of the rain.. It might hold up in one rain but fall apart if you get alot. The recipe I used also had you bake it in the oven for I think 20 or 30 mins at a low temp of around 250 rather then having it dry over night.

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  27. Hi Beckie; I also would like to not use corn syrup . My question is what is the corn syrup purpose ? Is it to sweeten or assist in solidifying the seed? I know honey is not recommended for humming birds so I am assuming honey would not work fot the wreath? Thank You Donna

  28. Yes it helps to act as a glue. I am not sure what else you can use. You can look at the other resources i gave in the post to see if any of those recipes don’t contain corn syrup.

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  30. What a cool idea!! My daughter and I are anxiously awaiting our wreath to dry. I do have an inquiry. Any idea how long these will keep as far as gift giving goes? We are wanting to make several for Christmas gifts. Any concern about molding?

  31. Nice bird wreath! Winter is a great time of the year to use them since they are energy-packed for the birds who need extra calories during the cold months. They also won’t be as susceptible to melting during the cold weather.

  32. I made two of these today and I need to make three more! I bought a “chip and dip” server at the Dollar Tree to replace the bunt pan (because I couldn’t find any of those cheap) and am giving them as last-minute Christmas presents. Do you think putting them in the refrigerator or freezer to make them harden faster will effect the quality of it holding together? I hope not! Because I had to do that.

  33. I made a wreath and added raisins and craisins for some color. I was told to refrigerate it for 2 hours then take it out and invert it which I did. I waited several hours, put some twine around it and hung it up and as soon as I hung it on my Shepherds Hook it broke. Any reasons why ?

  34. Beckie, this is a darling idea I am going to use. What a fun gift to give too. Thanks

  35. I made several, they were beautiful. I gave some as gifts, and shared the recipe, and they fell apart in the rain! This is a time when the recipe should have been tested before you put it out there.

  36. Hi Judy, I am so sorry you experienced that. However, if you read the entire post, I said, “Hang it in an area that won’t be exposed to rain.”


  38. Tried this and was a complete failure. Took several days to dry and by that time, the seed had molded. Threw it out in to the garbage.

  39. Take a big clear plastic pot bottom(.79 from walmart) and hang on top, it helps direct rain from falling on it. Mine last for the birds to eat for a good while.

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