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In just 20 min I created this Vintage Sweet Skirt for my little one! About a month ago I went to something I have never been to before. A real live auction. You know the type you have seen on TV where the auctioneer talks a million miles a minute? 

It was quite the thrill. I ended up scoring this nasty hamper for $1 because the auctioneer didn’t open it up and show everyone what was inside. It housed about two dozen vintage sheets! SCORE! 

You should have seen the raised eyebrows when I got the bid. While they certainly smelled vintage it wasn’t anything my washing machine couldn’t handle.

One of the sheets (or maybe it was a curtain who knows) had this cute little ruffle at the bottom. I thought it would make a charming summer skirt for my 4 year-old daughter. 

She loves wearing skirts and I have quite a few of them in the past.

vintage sheeet skirt
vintage sheet with ruffle

How To Make the Vintage Sweet Skirt

Step 1 – Measure

I measured my daughter’s waist at 19” so I cut the width double that to 38”. 

Then I just guesstimated on the length and cut out a rectangle of fabric (you could use another skirt as a guide for the length).

vintage sheet skirt with ruffle

Step 2 – Fold and Cut

I folded the right side edges together and then cut an angle so that it wouldn’t look boxy but would have more of an A-line shape to it.

Step 3 – Sew

I pinned it and then sewed the edge together.

how to make a skirt with a ruffled bottom

Ste 4 – The waist

Next I folded the waist under 1/4” and then under 1 1/2” since my elastic was 1”. 

Then I sewed that down leaving a small opening to wiggle my elastic into.

making a skirt out of a sheet

Step 5 – Finish

Then I sewed the elastic ends together and then tucked everything in place and sewed the opening shut.

making a skirt

In 20 minutes I had an adorable summer skirt. 

Plus I have a heck of a lot of sheet left. 

Maybe momma needs a matching one, what do you think? 

Vintage sheets are easy to find at thrift stores, yard sales and Goodwill. 

It is a lot of fabric for very little money.

girl skirt tutorial
how to make an easy a line skirt
little girl skirt

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  1. There are sheets like that in my linen closet right now. There are so many ways to use this idea… think ruffled country curtains, bot for windows and showers. Depending on how many sheets, and the size, that you have, you could probably make yourself a delightful sundress

    You certainly have enough fabric to make her both a shirt and a camisole or tube top.

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