Hiya Papaya Chalkboard Playroom Numbered

Playrooms are often difficult to decorate.  With the clutter of toys, the challenge or organization and the constant little hands and feet all over the room, it is hard to find a space that can embrace and take on all of those challenges.  This darling play area tackles some of those tough problems when it comes to decorating playrooms.

Hiya Papaya Chalkboard Playroom Inspiration

I love the way this playroom functions.  It’s got lots of storage available for games and toys.  It has plenty of options for practicing creativity, with the chalkboard wall and the child sized table.  It has a purposeful layout:  there is a place for storage, a place to sit and craft or play at a tabletop, and there is open space for play.  And I like the colors:  lots of white complimented with some black, along with pops of red and aqua blue.  It’s a beautiful and functional play area.

Hiya Papaya Chalkboard Playroom Numbered

The great thing about this playroom is that there are quite a few things about it that could translate well into any space–whether it’s a basement, a bonus room, or a corner of your living room.  I found several DIY projects that can help you achieve a similar look without a hefty price tag.  Are you ready?

Chalkboard Playroom Collage

1.  Large Scale Chalkboard Wall

The Pleated Poppy chalkboard wall

Love the look of a wall-sized chalkboard?  The Pleated Poppy recently added a chalk wall  to her playroom, and the results are fantastic.  Lindsey shares several tips for painting your own.

2.  Child Sized Table

Shanty 2 Chic diy kids play table

While I didn’t find a tutorial I liked for a round table, I did find this really great little table and stools over at Shanty 2 Chic.  Don’t you think this table would look great in my inspiration room?  And those storage cube stools add even more places to stash toys and art supplies.

3.  Graphic Print Rug

Sunbutter & Jelly diy kilim rug

A nice rug that has a fun color scheme and a great pattern usually comes with a hefty price tag.  Not so with this rug made by Sunbutter and Jelly, where a colorful graphic print was added to an inexpensive rug with paint!

4.  Beanbag Cubes

Capital B beanbag cubes 2

Capital B figured out how to make these bean bag cubes, similar to the shape of the one in my inspiration photo.  Soft cubes like these aren’t just fun for kids to sit on, they are fun to play with, too!

5.  Storage Cubes

Make It & Love It diy fabric boxes 2

Storage cubes made from fabric are a great way to make a shelf function more like a drawer.  They are handy storage bins and totes for kids.  And guess what?  You can make them yourself in any fabric color you’d like?  Find instructions for them at Make It & Love It.

Do you have any playroom design tips to share?  What do you think of the chalkboard wall–is it something you would like to try?

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  1. I am definitely doing the fabric storage boxes. Still trying to figure out where to do the chalkboard wall. My rooms are small and the furniture uses most of the wall space. Could get rid of the kids’ furniture, 🙂

    (the link for the fabric boxes is wrong. I did find the site though.)

  2. The chalk-board wall was really inspirational! I’m currently working on a playroom project and have been thinking about a chalk board wall too! I wish I had a triangular wall like the one in the photo. It adds such a dramatic focal point to the room. Thanks for sharing!



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