Have you ever watched a movie or TV show and been more interested in the sets than the plot?  I admit that I’ve been guilty of this more than once–egging the characters on to move into another part of the house so I can get a better look at the kitchen, or watching a movie over again just because I love one of the houses in it so much!  I know I’m not alone in this, because Julia from Hooked on Houses gets requests from readers all the time to showcase homes from movies and television shows.  One of those “home tours” that gets clicked on the most is the set from the Disney Channel sitcom, “Good Luck Charlie.”


While this set definitely isn’t an actual home, it’s got a vibrant, eclectic feel that is really appealing.  The “Duncan Family” has a home that’s colorful and child friendly, and the set decorators aren’t afraid to make things look lived in, which I think is a big part of the appeal–it looks real!


If you’ve been watching “Good Luck Charlie” for home inspiration more than entertainment, then this post is for you!  Check out these five tutorials I’ve found for making your home look a little bit like the one the Duncans live in.

Disney Look for Less

1.  Painted Stairway


The Duncans’ leaf-green stairway is quite eye-catching, not too mention fun!  If you think adding some color to your stairs sounds like a great idea, then check out this tutorial for painted stairs by Painted Therapy.

2.  Shingled Wall


It’s hard to get a good look at it from the picture above, but the Duncans have a nifty mudroom just steps away from the living room, and it has cedar shingle walls!  Jones Design Company went for a similar look in their living room, and they have lots of pictures to show you how it’s done.

3.  Pallet Coffee Table


Could that be a coffee table made of pallets that I spy in the Duncan home?  There must be a DIYer in that family!  Inspire Me Heather built a similar table, and she’s got the tutorial to prove it.

4.  Coffee Table Trays


I like how the Duncans corral papers and toys in their living room with wood trays on the coffee table.  When I spotted this tray makeover by The Glitter Guide, I was struck by how much the pattern on the tray looked like the pattern on the Duncans’ rug!

5.  Craftsman Style Trim


The Duncans definitely live in a Craftsman home.  So it goes without saying that they’ve got trimwork and moldings in the chunky look favored by Craftsman-era architects and builders.  Check out the tutorial for going classic Craftsman around your doors at Cape Twenty Seven.

I hope you had fun getting decorating ideas from Disney, this week.  I’m really curious:  do you have a favorite home (or homes) from movies and TV?  Tell me which shows you watch just to get design ideas for your house!

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