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It comes as no surprise when I say mason jars have taken over the crafting world. Just this week I shared the love birds mason jar I whipped up for Valentine’s Day. Well, these charming little jars have proven they aren’t reserved for crafty creations alone. They also have a place in the DIY world, as evidenced by these five ways to make a light from a mason jar. These mason jar projects are all inexpensive, relatively simple, and filled with character! What’s not to love?!?

DIY Home Decor ~ 5 Ways to Make a Light From a Mason Jar

1. Recessed Light to Mason Jar Pendant

DIY Home Decor ~ Turn a recessed light into a mason jar pendant for only $20 in 20 minutes!

Tired of the recessed light above your kitchen sink? Follow this tutorial to turn it into a mason jar pendant for only $20 in 20 minutes! Linda from Craftaholics Anonymous says, “It’s as easy as screwing in a light bulb.”

2. Mason Jar Table Lamp

DIY Home Decor ~ Make a table lamp with a colored mason jar

Did you know mason jars come in different colors? Oh, but they do! I made this table lamp for my daughter’s room and love how you can completely change the ambience of the room by switching out the color of the jar. So fun!

3. Bath Bar Light turned Mason Jar Chandelier

DIY Home Decor ~ Turn a vanity light strip from your bathroom into this gorgeous mason jar chandelier for your dining room!

It’s hard to believe anything found in the bathroom could make gorgeous dining room décor, but this tutorial from The Summery Umbrella shows it is possible! Would you believe this dining room chandelier was once a builder-grade bath bar light?

4. Thrift Store Mason Jar Chandelier

DIY Home Decor ~ How to make a mason jar chandelier

This tutorial shows how simple it is to add mason jars to a basic chandelier. This little chandy started out as a $5 thrift store find. It’s amazing what paint, crystals, and mason jars can do!

5. Mason Jar Vanity Light

DIY Home Decor ~ Switch out the globes on your bathroom vanity light with mason jars for only $6 in 20 minutes!

Like Lauren, you may be determined to add personality to the builder grade light fixtures in your house. This vanity light mason jar makeover cost only $6 and took about 20 minutes!

How do you feel about the mason jar craze? Do you think it’s overdone or do you say the more mason jars the merrier?

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