Outdoor Living Room inspiration pic

Many of the kids in our neighborhood started school last week.  Aaagh!  Can you believe it?  That’s an unusually early start to the school year, but you have to admit–Summer’s days are numbered.  Let’s hang onto them as long as we can, by dreaming about an outdoor living space…like this beautiful porch I found on one of Edie’s Pinterest boards.  

Outdoor Living Room inspiration pic

This outdoor living room looks like the perfect place to entertain guest out of doors or curl up on a brisk fall evening for s’mores, doesn’t it?  That fireplace is swoon-worthy, and the seating arrangement looks comfy and casual without screaming “patio furniture!”  In short, the only thing keeping this outdoor living space from looking like it’s indoor counterpart is that fact that it’s missing some walls.  

Outdoor Living Room numbered inspiration

Need ideas for an outdoor room of your own?  I’ve found five tutorials to get you started.  Read on to find out how to DIY many of the looks in my inspiration photo.

Outdoor living room collage

1.  Painted Brick Fireplace

Homemade Ginger painted fireplace makeover

Changing up a brick fireplace (indoors or out) with a coat of fresh white paint can have an astonishing effect on a room.  Check out one example at Homemade Ginger.

2.  Decorating with Plants

A Beautiful Mess greenery at home

A Beautiful Mess offers tips for adding green to your home.  Many plants that are traditionally indoor varieties can be taken outside for longer than you might think, as long as they are protected from frost.

3.  Refreshing Wicker Furniture

Foreign Circus Life reconditioned wicker

Wicker is easy to find second-hand, but since it generally lives outdoors, it can get a bit weather beaten.  Foreign Circus Life tells you how to make your wicker look brand new.

4.  Whiskey Barrel Table

Roadkill Rescue barrel table

I featured a table by Running With Scissors that is very similar to the one pictured in my inspiration photo over at Roadkill Rescue.  

5.  Styling a Fireplace

The Nester fireplace decor

The Nester, a decorating genius, offers her advice for making any fireplace look as good as the ones you see in magazines.

Do you ever wish for an outdoor living area?  What element would you most enjoy:  an outdoor fireplace, lounge seating, or an al fresco kitcen?

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  1. Hi Beckie! Just wanted to stop by and say hello. It was great seeing you at Haven again, and I loved your session! I learned so much. Thanks for your hard work and generously sharing so much info with us!

  2. The 1.Painted brick picture is really cool! I can’t wait for our house to be done. I love to decorate the interior with my own hands and imagination. Great post Beckie!

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