5 Ways to Organize Cabinet Doors

Here at Infarrantly Creative, I’ve shown you how I utilized the space on the inside of cabinet doors to better organize my own kitchen.  As it turns out, that empty space on the inside of my doors had amazing hidden potential!  When you stop to consider the square footage of level, usable space on the interior of your cupboard doors, you can start to envision new possibilities for controlling kitchen clutter.  I’ve found a wealth of ideas for taking advantage of both sides of your cabinetry that I can’t wait to show you.

5 Ways to Organize Cabinet Doors

1.  Measuring Helps

I turned an unused surface in my kitchen into functional space when I organized all my measuring cups and spoons. Now, instead of digging through a cluttered drawer to find them, I have a designated spot for each of them.  Along with a handy conversion chart, everything I need for measuring in my kitchen is now extremely accessible.measuring conversion chart on the inside of cabinet

2. Magnetic Containers

Over at I Heart Organizing, Jen found a way to magnetize the back of her cupboard doors so that she could attach small magnetic containers to them.  Now Jen’s spices are easy to see and easy to reach, and Jen has cut down on clutter inside her cabinetry, too.

magnetic spice containers

3.  Bathroom Clutter Busters

Kitchens aren’t the only rooms with additional storage options behind their doors.  Bathrooms are always in need of a way to control the chaos, too.  I’m not the only one with a tangle of corded appliances in the bathroom, right? The Family Handyman offers a great behind-the-scenes storage solution for that.  Check out these DIY PVC pipe curling iron holsters.DIY PVC holsters for curling irons

4.  Hidden Message Board

Switching the measuring conversion chart from the front of my fridge to the inside of my cabinet has cleared a little space on the refrigerator door.  I can have a completely pristine fridge front if I copy this great idea from Young House Love.  They covered the inside of their cabinets with cork for an instant, hidden message center.hidden message center

5.  Laundry Tips

What about the laundry room?  Keep everything you need handy–including tips for stain removal–on the inside of a cupboard door.  BH&G.com shows how to attach pegboard to cabinetry to maximize storage potential.

Talk about tapping into a treasure trove of creative storage options!  What have you done to add functionality to an overlooked item in your home?

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  1. Words cannot convey my adoration of your organizational prowess. Wow x a million with glitter.

  2. I love all of these ideas. I do use the insides of my kitchen cabinet doors for the school calendar, family phone numbers, doctor phone numbers and measurement conversions but none are as attractive as those.

  3. I am always looking for creative ways to use space you already have, instead of bringing in more stuff to store your things, especially since I live in a smaller home. I have always wanted to use the inside of my cabinets, but wasn’t creative enough to figure out how. Your ideas are simply genius! Thank you so much for the inspiration! I am definitely going to implement these ideas in my cabinets! 🙂

  4. I did something similar to #1 a long time ago. It’s on the cabinet door that holds my cups. Any time visitors open the cabinet, they jump back or duck due to the racket, afraid that something is falling out or about to attack them!

  5. Hi, I loved your ideias and wanted your approval for reposting it in portuguese for my Brazilian gurls in my website! Sure I will link it back to you!!

  6. Did you purchase that conversion chart, or make it on your own? It looks so professional!

  7. I LOVE the measuring cup idea…as a mom of diabetic we have to measure food for every meal and I have hard time finding cups whose measurments don’t wash off..conversion table would be godsend

  8. OK…I think you just saved me from a total mental breakdown with this idea! I am constantly rummaging through my drawers to find measuring cups. My brother rooms with us currently and if he empties the dishwasher…there’s no telling where things are going to end up. This will create a centralized location for everything!! Awesome!

  9. Love the ideas,I will be useing several when I redo my kitchen. On the measuring
    cabinet how did you ger the numbers and lines so neat? Are they stickons?

  10. If you put in some magnetic strips it would hold things still and cut down on the racket!

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  12. I tape my recipes on the inside of my cabinet doors when baking multiple items … like Christmas time. I just put a bit of scotch tape and layer the ones I will be needing. Works great and keeps them clean.

  13. Don’t know why I hadn’t thought of posting a stain removal chart in my laundry room before seeing this! That way everyone in the house has the advantage of using that knowledge!

  14. These are all really great tips! As a first time home owner and mom I am constantly trying to find new ways to organize our home. I love the first idea for the cabinet, and I will certainly have my husband do that in our kitchen as soon as I get him to finally install that pegboard for his tools in the garage.

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