House of Turquoise Inspiration Photo Numbered
House of Turquoise Inspiration Photo

Over and over again, I hear how hard it is to decorate for tween-age girls. I’m a long ways from that point, but definitely up for an imaginary decorating challenge!  

When I saw this bedroom by stylist  Sarah Gunn featured at House of Turquoise, it seemed like the perfectly decorated solution to the tween girl bedroom dilemma.

House of Turquoise Inspiration Photo Numbered

There are a lot of great ideas for tween bedroom decor in this bedroom. It’s got a fresh color scheme that manages to be full of color without being overwhelming.  

The furniture is simple, easily transitioning from child to teen. It has some good storage options and fun ways to display projects and interests.

And I appreciate the reality of this room:  it’s a small space (like many of the bedrooms in our own homes) that is packed with style.

Girls Bedroom Look For Less Collage

Since this is such a great example of a tween girl’s bedroom, I went ahead and looked around the web for five ways that you could DIY elements of this room for less.  


My Simple Obsession bulletin board

1.  Pin Board

Pottery Barn sells these patchwork pin boards like hotcakes.  My Simple Obsession shares a tutorial for making your own.

Just Keep It Simple string letters

2.  String Art Letters

Just Keep It Simple shows you how to make funky letters from string similar to the ones in my inspiration photo.  

Achieving Creative Order storage bench

3.  Storage Bench

In the bedroom pictured, storage doubles as seating, achieving a more grown-up look than the traditional toy bench.

 See a tutorial for something similar at Achieving Creative Order.

Savvy Young Something Side Table

4.  Pretty Side Table

The side table functioning as a bedside table manages to look super feminine thanks to it’s curvy legs.

 Savvy Young Something gave a similar table a gorgeous update.

The Remodeled Life Chevron Shade

5.  Chevron Roman Shade

I love the coral chevron shade in my inspiration photo.  

Check out the no-sew tutorial for one at The Remodeled Life.  

What’s your favorite element in this bedroom?  

What do you think of the painted ceiling?

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  1. I love this sooo much! I’m getting super bored of my bedroom at the moment and I really want to update it. I think I’ll probably start with a desk first cause I am really in need of one. But this is such a cute and cosy style plus the colours are great!

  2. So cute, love the colors. I think it’s hilarious that this room is considered small though lol! You’d hate to see my high school bedroom.

  3. I love it, Sarah! The tile board itself looks amazing, and the cute fabric rosettes and bunting take it over the top.

  4. Most of the stuff on the websites are wrong. Like different patterns & colors. How can i find the exact things? And what color exact color is the cealing?

  5. The reason they are not exact is because this is showing you how to get a similar look for less, not the exact look. If you would like to know the exact ceiling paint color I would recommend contacting the stylist, Sarah Gunn, who is referenced in the post.

  6. In the first photo, I love the floral chandelier! I am redoing my daughter bedroom and I was wondering where it is from… or if it was a DIY
    Please Get Back To Me,

  7. Hayley, Since that is not my room, I do not know. It is by stylist Sarah Gunn, as featured at House of Turquoise. If you click on the links in the post, you can contact the designer directly. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

  8. The room was designed by Sarah Gunn and featured on House of Turquoise. You can follow the link in my post for all the details.

  9. Hi Becky, Try following the link to House of Turquoise where this room was originally featured. Unfortunately, I do not know the color. Sorry I can’t help more.

  10. Hello Becky,
    I wanted to do this for my daughter’s room and was wondering if all the stuff would fit, do you know the room measurements?

  11. No, I am sorry, but I don’t. This room was originally featured on House of Turquoise, so maybe you could click on the link in my post to visit the site and get more information.

  12. I am sorry, Hannah, but I am not sure about that. You can click on the link to see the original feature on House of Turquoise and see if there’s more information there. Best of luck!

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